Friday, January 2, 2009

Venting About Marriage. : ( / : )

So, how is everyone in the blogosphere?!? (got that word from the amazing nikki)! I'm great, I suppose. I have just been thinking a lot lately. Mom seems to have a feeling that Trish and Andrew are getting married. Which would be great! That's one of my 2009 prayers (if you have seen my afore mentioned prayer list)> and of course I know it's Trish's dream.

However, I have been thinking how much it would change my life. I know I'm sounding selfish, but can I please? I live most of my life making others happy, or at least trying. I go out of my way to make people laugh and I try to please everyone that crosses my path. So can I have the first amendment and vent ???!?! Okay: sorry.

Well, I think they are getting married too, which is great as I said. I mean come on I would have the man killed. Date me for 4 years and not marry me.. Psht, ain't happenin'. I just don't want things to change, but yet I do. Here's what bothers me.. Andrew will never be home again once the "I do's" are said. It will be me and my parents till I leave (which is no time soon). I know me and Andrew fight and we don't get along that great all the time.. But, I like when he comes home. Also, I'm afraid me and Trish's relationship will change. I know we will always be best friends and she's always here for me and whatnot. However, there will be no more Saturday nights at her house because Andrew will be there and that just won't happen. Plus, even if it still did... it wouldn't be as fun anymore, just because.. well Andrew is there and that's me and Trish's thing. There will be no more Friday night runs to Los Arcois.. because Andrew would have to come.

Wow, I sound like a selfish little brat and oh my gracious I'm sitting here and my eyes are starting to leak.. with happiness and sadness all at once. It's like my best friend is marrying my brother. Which is exactly what is happening.

Is it just a little sister thing? Because I totally cried when Chad got married too.. because well.. He was My Chad. However, I didn't live with Chad for 17 years. Only 10. Plus, I love Nikki with all my heart.. It was just little sister stuff.

I'm awful and selfish. I'm sorry to all of you that have to live with me.. am I really that awful? I want them to get married, I do. I just don't want things to change. He's my brother, ya know?!? Jealous, you may ask.. Why yes I am. Not of just Andrew but Trish too.. I don't want Andrew to leave and I want me and Trish to stay the same. Wow, I'm going to shut up now, I'm rediculous.

Chad and Andrew and them came home today : )
I saw Chad for a little while then he left to great Nikki & Claybob.
I saw Andrew for two whole seconds but that's because I was going to get food and he was going to Trish's.
I saw Dusty.. But I don't care. Pahahaha.

Goodnight everyone.


chadandnikki said...

Life changes baby girl. That's the rotten part of becoming an adult. It's worth it though. If it didn't change we would all have to be 13-18 forever. Not that cool.

Roll with it. Let God bring you to the place that He has for you. He has big things for you. Life isn't passing you by just because you are a lot younger than the boys. Your life is just getting started. Embrace it, love it, learn from it, live it. Most of all do it God's way.

Adult is here for you too. High School ends soon, and it sounds cliche, but it really is a beginning and not the end. Relationships and people will change, they have to. That's God's plan.

And just think without marriage you wouldn't have me. What a world that would be(boo). Oh yeah, there would be no Clayton either. Love ya sweets.