Saturday, December 11, 2010


Dear God,

What do you think of me? That's a question that I think is a VERY bold question to ask God. Because, I really don't think I want to know the answer.. but yet I do. However, with the way I am feeling I think that I know the answer. I'm not really sure when the last time I talked to you was. I have thought about you, but to actually say "hey God, you sure are beautiful today" it hasn't happened. I think it's winter. What a sad excuse. But, I don't like winter. I know, I know.. Lord, you made it and it's got to come.. it's part of your cycle. I just don't like being cold. I get bogged down and blue.

I am always the one person that tells people that you have to see the sunny side of life. I am totally seeing it. Six months from now. Even now. My life is turning around. You are getting the biggest hug ever! I am happy, Lord. I really am. Winter is just an excuse.

I don't have an excuse. I'm sorry. Forgive me?

In Jesus Name,

Love, me.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear God,

I know without a doubt that I'm saved and that you are so good to me all the time. Yet, lately my moods have been ridiculous. One day I can be the happiest person in the whole world and the next it would be best for the world to just not to notice that I exist. Isn't that bad? When I'm your child and sometimes all I want to do is cry?

I grew up in church and I know all about you and your greatness and things... but still, sometimes I want to cry...

I should be happy all the time with the blessings that I have, that you have given me when I didn't deserve them. Does this happen to your other children?

I think I have an idea of what's going on but, I'm not sure. Will you please help me stay in a happy mood?

Oh & I'm going to school soon "/ ach! I'm so nervous. Today I have to go for my physical exam. Will you let everything turn out okay? I'm pretty sure I'm okay.. I suppose it's just one of those nervous things when you go to the doctor when nothing is really wrong, but you are scared you are going to have something.

Will you calm my nerves, please?

In Jesus Name.

Love, me.