Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One of them tag things__

6th folder 4th picture:)

Haha, it's me & Clayton. This was taken about two weeks ago:) No special occassion or anything. Aunt James always gets the camera out & plays around with it. Maybe that's why my computer's slow???


So, I was tired of looking @ polka dots & I love me some camoflauge.. so what do you think about the new background? Let me know...

Today wasn't much.. so I don't have anything to write about.
I got to hang w/ Clayton who was a little on the clingy side (didn't bother me none)*:) means he was huggin' all on Aunt James.

I sortah miss my dad__ & my brothers beautiful loud truck is sitting in my drive way calling my name & as far as Mom would let me drive was to move it to the other side "/ it's quite sad. The temptation in it's fullness. How lame am I? haha..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lollipop, lollipop, oooo bee sting!

The lollipop commercial is way cute.. with the Dell computers. Don't ask, I find serious excitement and humor in the strangest things!
Well I went to The Jaynes (T's house) for some fun today with my SIL, Trish & my little cousin, Kali. It was way fun all but I got out of the pool, wrapped my towel around me, and BAM a bee stung me. Not on my butt but close enough. My jeans rubbed it and it hurt. This is coming from a girl that ain't been stung by a bee since she was around 8. Oh well, it wasn't way bad. Momma Tonya gave me some ointment and I was set to go:)
**Callie, T's littler sister aka my little sister (@ heart). She's been calling me sissy haha. My new camera is waterproof:) haha..
**My SIL, Trish & little cousin, Kali:)
Black Divider Pictures, Images and Photos
This week the men are gone on a wagon train. It sounded fun & all, but I'm not sitting in the back of a wagon all week (because my dad had someone else riding with him), I'm scared of horses, & this girl has got to wash her hair. Otherwise I had all intentions on going. Haha.. I hope they have fun.
It's just the girls this week plus Clayton.. He's pretty good @ hanging with us!

**Haha.. love it.:)

Well, just thought I'd check in! I'll get back to you as the adventures of Carswell roll!
Time to go wash H2O, Cl out of my hair:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I haven't updated ya'll in a while (forgive me).. I've been slightly busy. Let's see, this may be long so deal with me (the 3 people that read this)__

Sunday was a pretty awesome day. It was Father's Day & I got my dad a shopvac. Yes, a shopvac before you attack me let me just say he thought it was cool and wanted it. However, the kid in Lowes was happy to get it for me.. he stopped everything he was doing and came and asked me and mom if we needed help. Mom thinks he likes me, I think he was just doing his job.
Okay back to Sunday!! We got out of church and my brother Chad called wanting us to come eat dinner with him & his beautiful family *:)* @ Harbor Inn. So we went..(duh). Let me just say, Clayton's hair was "da bomb". Like every Father/Mother's day we don't have church on Sunday nights. My dad thinks that if your earthly father is still living you should go see him and spend time with him even if you hardly ever speak. Never know when dad will be gone, no matter what he does to you. Look deep inside yourself you know that he is still dad & you would be sad if he was gone. A spent a little of that evening with my dad & scrapbooking.. Then our friends Scott & Melanie called for us to come eat supper with them, however, I had previous plans @ my friend Kayla's house, who I ain't seen since March 27th. I spent the night @ her house that night.

Monday I woke up @ Kayla's with a flippin' furry white cat playing with my hair (awkward & annoying!!) so I picked it up and threw it off the bed. May I mention that I hate cats... e'erything about them!!!! Well a little after that we went to the lake with her mom & brothers. It was way fun. But you would not expect Lake James State park to be that crowded!! But it was, for a Monday. After that we just went back to her house & hung out & took pictures & stuff.

Tuesday I woke up with the cat again and once again pitched it across the room (literally, I'm not kidding). Then when I woke up the final time to actually get out of the bed Kayla's shepard/lab, Callie, was in my face. It was just like waking up @ T's with his sister in my face..however this was a dog Callie & not little girl Callie. We just hung out for a while and then went to town. When we got back from town our friend Lindsey came over. We took more goofy pictures (because that's what teenage girls do). Then around 5 Mom came and got me. After that, I went home. Dad had all the mules & donkey's tied out. Andrew was working the white Kate in the field like the pictures from my other post & Dad had our new mule "Jon" tied to a tree. Now straight up, this mule is a bonafied idiot. On the real. So my cousin Chris (who trains horses) came down to mess with it a little. (I should of went down there & been a mule whisperer haha just pickin). Well Chris messed with it a while and then I was like "this is boring" because all he had done was put blinders on him, so I went to check on Andy & WK.. Well we heard Dad holler & that dang mule had got loose. He is slightly large so I was freaking out and ran to the porch haha.. But they got it pinned back up then Chris was trying to mess with it in it's stall (bad idea). It barrelled out of there and tried to jump our silver gate but it was too short for that gate. Either way, I went inside haha..

Wednesday, same old same old. I was going to weed Dad's blackberries but he thought it was too hot so I fed the dogs and took a shower before church. Dad preached a good message that night. && I was in a bad mood. All day that day I was in a bad mood. It didn't help that T didn't invite me to his bday party. Which I really let get @ me..because I was thinking "I took him to my dang senior prom & got into a fight with my mom so he could come to my bday party and he doesn't have the consideration to ask me to his" (there is more to this story haha so please don't think I'm a petty little girl)___ Well I was mad about that so yeah ahhaa.. That's about my day with that.

Thursday, I woke up & mom had got me breakfast from McDonalds. Then Dad called needing me to bring two of his single trees (it goes on the front of the wagon) to the garage. There he told me to go talk to Granny, so I did. Granny was talking to a teacher from my elementary school. && she has a daughter that has Down's Syndrome/Dwarfism and she needed someone to watch her and she told Nanny she might give me a call. I was way excited about that!! Well after that I had to run to the house and get my boots because we had to go pick up hay.. Came home yada yada yada... then I went out on the town to look for a new bathing suit. Well I got me a new one. It's black & I'm way excited!! Then when I got home, I had missed a call from Tonya (T's mom) so I called back and couldn't get ahold of her. So I called T's phone and he wanted to know where I was. Then told me he texted me to my old number from when I had a phone. So my hurt feelings were all a misunderstanding! That made me happy! && he wanted to know where I was and why I wasn't @ his party because there was "alot of food and a big bonfire about to catch" the "house on fire" hahaha.. So I went up there. Feeling bad because I had gotten so angry.

Tomorrow I'm going to the lake for my friend Christina's 18th bday.. so that should be way fun!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Mule Maham plus 2 donkeys??

So last night while we were sitting in Abele's after the horsesale (tradition), eating the breakfast bar, my oldest brother (Chad) looks off into the distance and says "Why in the world did I buy two donkeys?" && I replied so sweetly "because you're an idiot:)"

Hahaha.. they are poorly too!! But cute, you can ride them:) I'm personally not going to but you can if you want to. He wanted them for his new buggy he got from my other brother (Andrew) for the wagon train. He said I could ride in his wagon if he gets something to pull them. I was thinking mules but he got donkeys.. haha we will see what they can do, we just got to get some groceries in them before that one kills over. It's back bone could probably cut your hand like a razor blade.

My dad (sweet man) bought a new mule (because we need one?) for his other mule & his wagon because that mule can't carry it by himself (we already have 2).. but he fell in love with that "black mule". To hear him talk it's like the black stallion just shorter with different parents. I mean it's pretty, just stubborn. I don't want it to hurt him because he has a bad back, & Andrew takes caution (respectful fear I reckon), but Chad.... has no fear.

I didn't go eat breakfast like was intended with them yesterday morning. I was just so tired I couldn't get up. But then Momma let me sleep till 12 & I was in a slightly bad mood"/ I hate sleeping that late.. it makes me feel like I have wasted my day away. So I got up early earlier today.

Later on, I'm suppose to go pick up one of my best friends, Gillian, & we are going to go grab some lunch & go to the greenway. I was going to buy her dinner today... but I spent all my money yesterday on a new camera. I'm way excited it's waterproof & everything.. I'm doing photography at camp (way excited about that:))! & I needed a waterproof (in my opinion) because we are around water all the time. I'ma test it out when me & my friends Kayla & Lacey go swimming on Monday!

I have $5 dollars left though. I reckon me & Gillian can eat off the dollar menu with that:) Hahaha..

Today's blog isn't very interesting. Sorry.. that's all I have on updates:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mule Maham, New Boots, & My Brothers:)

To start off :) I got new boots today! Justin's. My dad "loafs" a lot. Finds good deals, hangs with Andrew (my middle brother) @ the garage, & yada, yada, yada.. Well all of sudden he calls us from JR's High Country Leather & is like "Bring Jamie up here & see if JR has any boots she would like." So of course.. I'm not going to complain.. I hop in the car & go up there.. well JR has a 20% sale on the whole store. && my boots were actually 30% (oh yeah). So now I don't have to wear Momma's boots. It was my graduation gift:)!! Gahhhlehh I sound so country these days.
I also petted (not a word) horses today & I wasn't scared:) Uggums & Madam. Madam is the buckskin & Uggums is the black one. I was so proud of myself. Daddy told me to go turn the water bucket over for fresh water but I told him I wasn't that brave yet. Give me time & I'll be ridin' it (maybe).

**Yes Nikki, that's your husband.**
My Daddy wanted to get his mule out today & work her because in a few weeks we (maybe I) will be going on a wagon train & we had to get her messed with so when we got her to Robinsville, NC she wouldn't go crazy & hurt someone:) Hahaha.. So my brother Chad (aka fearless Joe Moron) jumped right to it. (Now I know where Clayton gets it from.. no fear in the kid). He jumped right on the sled.

Sad part is... I jumped right on there too. I had taken the camera back in the house @ this time & Mom did not document this.. But I rode back to back with Chad on the sled.. Chad's back was hurting so he needed a back rest anyways. It was so much fun...

Andrew, on the other hand, had to get all "high-tech redneck" on us.....

No my friends... that is not just a lawn chair. It's a hospital bath chair (not kidding). My Momma uses it to pick green beans, understandable for her because she has a lot of leg problems & stuff. But Andrew, really??? Hahaha....

I just think this is cute of my dad:) He loves his mules!! && I love him!!!!!!!!!!:) SO VERY MUCH!

Yes my friends, be jealous. I know, I know.. I would too!! Haha.. I got to drive this today (well not this one.. this is a cheap internet one. Chad's is prettier with it's camo bug guard & beagler sticker).. But all by myself. All the way to the grocery store & back.. The engine smoothed me. && it drives so good!!

(The hats just cause it started raining)
Yeah__so I'm pretty much tired"/ Hahaha... Shower time!! Gotta get this dirt off mehhhh... Ready for another round tomorrow. I'm filthy from head to boot, I don't think there is girl in me today"/ hahaha.. I have to find the girl somewhere! Maybe Sunday when I get my dress on:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pillow Fights & Onion Rings

These are the two funnest things to do with my nephew.. Well not the onion rings they are yuck. You know the little .59 cent Burger King onion rings (say that 5 times fast) that you can get @ Salem Express (or I'm sure any convient store)? Well Clayton LOVES them. He's a weirdo and so is my mom & my brother (Andrew) for liking them. They don't even taste like Burger King onion rings. Anywhooo I fed that to him & then we had a pillow fight. Mom caught it on tape it was pretty nasty: Bloody noses, black eyes, baby drool. Okay so I exaggerated a bit. It wasn't like that @ all (except for the baby drool hence why it's not marked out). It was good clean fun because I'm the only one that can throw well he tried & he done a pretty darn good job too. Then he dived into the pile of pillows and started heehawing:) So since I wore him down for a nap that's where he is now :)

He can punch too. Like he balled his fist up & punched my leg (don't get mad mom, we were play fighting:)). I just thought it was amazing how he just balled his fist up.

Speaking of something that was amazing have you ever been to Abele's in Morganton, NC? Well I'm sure it's like this @ all the Abele's BUT (I went there 5 times last week for supper I had to find some excitment so bare with me) the toilet paper despensers are AWESOME! I took what was left on one roll and then when that happened it's got like a pulley system set up & it popped down another roll. I felt the need to pull off all the tissue from that roll just to see if there was another one ready & waiting, but I resisted. It would have been too hard of a cleanup for the cleanup people because the toilet would have been way clogged after trying to get rid of a whole roll.

That was way random after re-reading it.

I got scrapbook stuff:) Because I have been wanting to start a scrapbook for forever & now the time is finally here!! Now I just have to put my pictures on a CD & print them off @ the nearest Wally World Wal-Mart!

So for graduation I got $250!! If I had $50 more I would have $300 dollars!! I want to buy a new camera for camp because I'm taking photos & making a scrap book but Idkk. I hate blowing it all on one thing. But I really want a water-proof one. Such decisions!!!!!!!!

Welpp I'm off! I'ma go start my cardboard sign for my upcoming job I can make it look real good because the scrapbook kit I got is a cardmaking kit too! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Revival Night #4 // Graduation:)

Last night was our so called "final" night of revival. However, that was just the last service. Revival lives in our hearts.. "You are as close to God as you want to be" once said by the great Jesse Carr. && it's so true! Revival starts in your heart, within you, you really don't need a church or even a preacher to have it. But I'm so ready for camp now!!!!!!! :)

T didn't come because he was asleep on their overly sized recliner [it's great!!] So there was no embarrassing words of wisdom from Brother Daniel.

Speaking of Brother Daniel let me tell ya that man PREACHED last night.. Just the way I have wanted him to preach ALL week! && it was so good!! OH, OH, OH, && Trever came back!!! I was so happy! :)

I have adopted Brother Daniel. He is now my Grandpa. I haven't got to tell him this yet because I decided it last night around 11:30 that he would make a "pretty cool Grandpa". Because I already have a dad & an adopted dad [T's Dad]. && I don't have a living grandpa so he can be Pawpaw Daniel:) I'll tell him the next time I see him. I have been thinking about going on the wagon train to see him but I think me and mom and Trisha are just going to ride up and see them on the Sunday after when Dad preaches in his church!! That will be neat! :)

I don't think it would be safe for me to go on a wagon train. I'm deathly scared of horses!!!!!!!!!! Like, it's badd!! It's like a little kid with the boogy monster or even Clayton & the vaccum [worse than that I believe]..

I got my hair cut today!!!!!!!!! I was so excited..
Y'all can't tell I got it cut can you?? Well I can!! It's thinner & I have REALLY short bangs. They won't even go behind my ear because I keep trying to make them & they just won't do it!! It was SO LONGGGG!!!

Tonight was my graduation night :) I'll get pictures later! :) But my life is over hahaha I mean just like this kid Jake said: "This is what we have known for the last 13 years." It's crazy!! Dad's letting me have the summer off then I have to get a cardboard lid & sit beside KFC "/...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Revival Night #2 & #3

Okay, Okay, Okay.. I'll admit it! I'm a slacker! Get off my back about it! Okay, okay, okay hahaha.. Nobody has been on my back for being a slacker. But at the beginning of this week I told myself I was going to write about everynight of revival && I haven't. Since we have ate at Abele's everynight this week haha I get home late so I just go to bed.

Tuesday: night was really awesome. Brother Daniel got T up in front of the church to use him as an example. He asked T to give him his wallet and then asked if he had anything of value in his pocket so he gave Daniel his cellphone. He done this because Daniel is a good trustworthy guy. But then, after this he tied Tyler up. Don't laugh, it really happened. He said this is what the devil would do if you let him. He appears to be a good trustworthy person/thing and then he'll "rope" you in and you can't move. It was a neat message. Two people raised their hands and said they weren't saved. Pray God would touch them and bring them back. My brother and his wife Nikki sang and it was BEAUTIFUL! Man that woman can play the piano but she's been "playing since she was 4" haha..
Also Brother Daniel figured out who I was going to "marry". Yepp..even though he didn't say anything in front of the church like he done Andrew he did say something to T.. && I was standing there. It was great [sarcasm] ! Nah he went up to Tyler & then pointed to me and was like "I'll tell you one thing about that pretty girl. She's 3 s's" && T just looked at him and Daniel said "Saved, single, & searching. But that's all I'm going to say" I was like "Daniel Stewart I'ma beat you before this week is out".. I love him but he's crazy! haha..

Wednesday: night [last night] was also amazing. My friend Trever came. Y'all wouldn't find this as near as exciting as me. However, I haven't seen Trever in months we used be close. He was my best friend. I told him EVERYTHING & he told me EVERYTHING. So we know EVERYTHING about each other and only pray that we never get mad and decide to tell. Make sense? Well, he came to church. He's been in some trouble lately [Things I won't mention.. Best friends honor!] Long story short he thought he had went to far and God wouldn't love him anymore. && I explained to him how that's impossible and that you can never go to far because God is right where you dropped Him off. So Trever went to the alter and asked me to go.. of course I did!! && we just cried and prayed and cried and prayed... I think he got it fixed this time!! I just love Trever so much && he means so much to me. I pray for him everday & I'm so thankful God allowed that to happen last night because I worry about Trever all the time. He's easily influenced I reckon you could say. It was a neat service too.. had some great singing & testimonies. Brother Daniel said he wasn't about to preach and mess up The Spirit of God!! So it was just a testimony service && that's fine with me!!
After church when we were leaving to go to Abele's [again] Brother Daniel called T over to his car................ that gave me the que to go to the car and I was like "bye guys" && left. He told Tyler "See that pretty girl walking to the van there? If you're lucky you'll get a date".. T wouldn't tell me what he said but he told Taylor [my friend] && she told me. Daniel said "just let me do it.. I'll have you hooked up by Thursday & he'll be taking you out this weekend". I'ma beat 'im!!

okay.. Sorry for the longness. I'll try not to do this to you again :)
Here is a beautiful Clayton & I for your enjoyment :):):)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Revival Night #1

Hi :) It's Monday!! && Revival started tonight. You have no idea how excited I am about Revival. I swanny it's like a little kid at Christmas!! Brother Daniel Stewart from TN has come this week to preach. I enjoy him. He's funny, and just one of those all around good "country boys" haha.. He keeps my attention and honestly that's hard for a preacher to do. You gotta be REALLY awesome (in my opinion) to keep my attention. Not that you aren't a good preacher (for the preacher's reading) it's just you have to appeal to me. Am I the only one like this? Whatever.... hahaha Daniel appeals to me. It's neat to hear him.

He preached about Harvesting time. He used examples of when he bails hay (I thought it was awesome because I actually knew the bailing equipment that he was talking about. I was excited about that hahaha). Such as the rabbits you might cut or the snakes. It was their Harvest time. He was talking about the tall grass & the small grass and how the goody (short grass) is under all the other stuff (tall grass). It was just a real neat message. He was talking about how it may be your harvest time. Where will you be when you are harvested? I will be in Heaven with my Jesus!!

There was someone that raised their hand that wasn't saved. He never came to accept the Lord. I pray that you will keep him in your prayers that he will come back for the rest of the week and that the Lord will keep moving on Him.

After the service (since you care about my everyday life :)) We went to Shoney's Abele's. It was way fun.. Because me and Daniel are equally funny I reckon you could say. So we were rolling the whole time! He asked me where my husband was and I said "I'm 18, I ain't got no husband" & he said "Is there one that you have your eye on" then I told him about T. But I never said T's name. But he did figure out that I wanted to marry him (thanks mom) and that he goes to our church and what his dad looks like and what kind of car he drives (thanks dad, Trish, & Andrew). They are out to get me. Now this is a man that loves a good laugh. I'm not putting it past him to say something. Because he is the one that told Andrew last year in front of the whole church "You gotta ask her for her to say yes".. I'm telling ya.. He was talking about being a match maker then he used Trish & Andrew as an example. Hahahahahaha.. Then he said we could have the wedding right there in our church since T's a memeber haha.. & that he would preach it && I said "I'ma have to get Daddy to preach your funeral if you don't hush". Then everyone laughed at me.

Tonight I sung "Precious Jesus" I love that song. But Carolyn (bless her heart) plays by ear and she wasn't playing the right tune and I was nervous.... so we started over. && Then I still messed up because she wasn't playing the right tune. Idk what that women was playing!! It was pretty.. just not the right song :) But I ended up doing pretty well!! I got a applause and I made Momma Tonya cry. Pretty awesome night..

Keep us in your prayers please :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Who invented them things anyways.. Today I had my Senior Project Speech Dress Rehearsal and during SPSDR I had to wear heels. Because the only person that has beautiful closed toed shoes is my beautiful SIL, Nikki. I love these shoes and I actually saw them in the store and wanted to buy them but haha I can't walk long distances in heels.

I think it's because I never wear them. I don't even own heels.. and plus I'm a barefoot kind of girl but it's okay. Haha..

My speech went pretty good and the heels were fine since I only had to walk about a 3feet place to walk. It's all good. I forgot, however, to talk about triming hair. A whole minute I could have "waste".. I needed that minute too because my time was 7:30 and I need 8 to 10 minutes..

Well the officer from the school is in the library and I'm learning about the police :) Hahaha.. you know me and the popo are good buddies :)! Ha..


Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!___

Today is my SIL (Nikki)'s birthday! I wanted to publicly announce that..
Enough with the public!!

Dear Nikki,
You have never been anything other than good to me. You never give me slack and I'm actually thankful for that. The last thing I need is for someone to beat around the bush in my life. I want to know straight up, otherwise I wouldn't have even asked.. Thank you for stepping in like a older sister would actually do when it comes to things like prom, parents, friends, guys, yada yada yada. I needed someone at those points in my life to help me, someone other than my normal friens, someone that knew what I was talking about. Sometimes it seems like no matter what I come to you with, you have been through it too. Such as some of the trials a preacher's daughter goes through.. YOU UNDERSTAND! I don't have anyone else to share that with!! :)

Thanks for being the Godly example you have been. Thanks for making my brother happy!! I would never want him to be with anyone else but you!! Thanks for being such an awesome mom to Clayton. Thanks for allowing me to be in your life. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for understanding me when I thought nobody else could. Thanks for giving the Godly advice. Thanks for being the sister to me that you are. Thanks for everything...

This letter would be so much longer but I have to do things for my fourth period!!
I Love You Nikki!!