Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!___

Today is my SIL (Nikki)'s birthday! I wanted to publicly announce that..
Enough with the public!!

Dear Nikki,
You have never been anything other than good to me. You never give me slack and I'm actually thankful for that. The last thing I need is for someone to beat around the bush in my life. I want to know straight up, otherwise I wouldn't have even asked.. Thank you for stepping in like a older sister would actually do when it comes to things like prom, parents, friends, guys, yada yada yada. I needed someone at those points in my life to help me, someone other than my normal friens, someone that knew what I was talking about. Sometimes it seems like no matter what I come to you with, you have been through it too. Such as some of the trials a preacher's daughter goes through.. YOU UNDERSTAND! I don't have anyone else to share that with!! :)

Thanks for being the Godly example you have been. Thanks for making my brother happy!! I would never want him to be with anyone else but you!! Thanks for being such an awesome mom to Clayton. Thanks for allowing me to be in your life. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for understanding me when I thought nobody else could. Thanks for giving the Godly advice. Thanks for being the sister to me that you are. Thanks for everything...

This letter would be so much longer but I have to do things for my fourth period!!
I Love You Nikki!!



chadandnikki said...

You are too sweet. It's been an interesting B-Day to say the least. Thanks for putting up with me. Everybody can't so you're one up. Woo-hoo!!

Joan Carr said...

Jamie you make tears come to my eyes, how sweet and I am so thankful for the relationship you two have. I hope you two have years together as sisters(and now there are three of you girls) Do sisterly things together,always. You will never know how many times I have longed for that for myself over the years but God had other plans. And we all know HIS plans are best for us.