Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mule Maham, New Boots, & My Brothers:)

To start off :) I got new boots today! Justin's. My dad "loafs" a lot. Finds good deals, hangs with Andrew (my middle brother) @ the garage, & yada, yada, yada.. Well all of sudden he calls us from JR's High Country Leather & is like "Bring Jamie up here & see if JR has any boots she would like." So of course.. I'm not going to complain.. I hop in the car & go up there.. well JR has a 20% sale on the whole store. && my boots were actually 30% (oh yeah). So now I don't have to wear Momma's boots. It was my graduation gift:)!! Gahhhlehh I sound so country these days.
I also petted (not a word) horses today & I wasn't scared:) Uggums & Madam. Madam is the buckskin & Uggums is the black one. I was so proud of myself. Daddy told me to go turn the water bucket over for fresh water but I told him I wasn't that brave yet. Give me time & I'll be ridin' it (maybe).

**Yes Nikki, that's your husband.**
My Daddy wanted to get his mule out today & work her because in a few weeks we (maybe I) will be going on a wagon train & we had to get her messed with so when we got her to Robinsville, NC she wouldn't go crazy & hurt someone:) Hahaha.. So my brother Chad (aka fearless Joe Moron) jumped right to it. (Now I know where Clayton gets it from.. no fear in the kid). He jumped right on the sled.

Sad part is... I jumped right on there too. I had taken the camera back in the house @ this time & Mom did not document this.. But I rode back to back with Chad on the sled.. Chad's back was hurting so he needed a back rest anyways. It was so much fun...

Andrew, on the other hand, had to get all "high-tech redneck" on us.....

No my friends... that is not just a lawn chair. It's a hospital bath chair (not kidding). My Momma uses it to pick green beans, understandable for her because she has a lot of leg problems & stuff. But Andrew, really??? Hahaha....

I just think this is cute of my dad:) He loves his mules!! && I love him!!!!!!!!!!:) SO VERY MUCH!

Yes my friends, be jealous. I know, I know.. I would too!! Haha.. I got to drive this today (well not this one.. this is a cheap internet one. Chad's is prettier with it's camo bug guard & beagler sticker).. But all by myself. All the way to the grocery store & back.. The engine smoothed me. && it drives so good!!

(The hats just cause it started raining)
Yeah__so I'm pretty much tired"/ Hahaha... Shower time!! Gotta get this dirt off mehhhh... Ready for another round tomorrow. I'm filthy from head to boot, I don't think there is girl in me today"/ hahaha.. I have to find the girl somewhere! Maybe Sunday when I get my dress on:)


Joan Carr said...

LOL.Keep it up and you will be a real cowgirl.