Monday, June 8, 2009

Revival Night #1

Hi :) It's Monday!! && Revival started tonight. You have no idea how excited I am about Revival. I swanny it's like a little kid at Christmas!! Brother Daniel Stewart from TN has come this week to preach. I enjoy him. He's funny, and just one of those all around good "country boys" haha.. He keeps my attention and honestly that's hard for a preacher to do. You gotta be REALLY awesome (in my opinion) to keep my attention. Not that you aren't a good preacher (for the preacher's reading) it's just you have to appeal to me. Am I the only one like this? Whatever.... hahaha Daniel appeals to me. It's neat to hear him.

He preached about Harvesting time. He used examples of when he bails hay (I thought it was awesome because I actually knew the bailing equipment that he was talking about. I was excited about that hahaha). Such as the rabbits you might cut or the snakes. It was their Harvest time. He was talking about the tall grass & the small grass and how the goody (short grass) is under all the other stuff (tall grass). It was just a real neat message. He was talking about how it may be your harvest time. Where will you be when you are harvested? I will be in Heaven with my Jesus!!

There was someone that raised their hand that wasn't saved. He never came to accept the Lord. I pray that you will keep him in your prayers that he will come back for the rest of the week and that the Lord will keep moving on Him.

After the service (since you care about my everyday life :)) We went to Shoney's Abele's. It was way fun.. Because me and Daniel are equally funny I reckon you could say. So we were rolling the whole time! He asked me where my husband was and I said "I'm 18, I ain't got no husband" & he said "Is there one that you have your eye on" then I told him about T. But I never said T's name. But he did figure out that I wanted to marry him (thanks mom) and that he goes to our church and what his dad looks like and what kind of car he drives (thanks dad, Trish, & Andrew). They are out to get me. Now this is a man that loves a good laugh. I'm not putting it past him to say something. Because he is the one that told Andrew last year in front of the whole church "You gotta ask her for her to say yes".. I'm telling ya.. He was talking about being a match maker then he used Trish & Andrew as an example. Hahahahahaha.. Then he said we could have the wedding right there in our church since T's a memeber haha.. & that he would preach it && I said "I'ma have to get Daddy to preach your funeral if you don't hush". Then everyone laughed at me.

Tonight I sung "Precious Jesus" I love that song. But Carolyn (bless her heart) plays by ear and she wasn't playing the right tune and I was nervous.... so we started over. && Then I still messed up because she wasn't playing the right tune. Idk what that women was playing!! It was pretty.. just not the right song :) But I ended up doing pretty well!! I got a applause and I made Momma Tonya cry. Pretty awesome night..

Keep us in your prayers please :)


chadandnikki said...

If I only I was there. I could have kept the violent daggers of the mouth away from you, and playes "Precious Jesus" correctly. Oh well. Another time. I'll be there tonight to protect you.