Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Mule Maham plus 2 donkeys??

So last night while we were sitting in Abele's after the horsesale (tradition), eating the breakfast bar, my oldest brother (Chad) looks off into the distance and says "Why in the world did I buy two donkeys?" && I replied so sweetly "because you're an idiot:)"

Hahaha.. they are poorly too!! But cute, you can ride them:) I'm personally not going to but you can if you want to. He wanted them for his new buggy he got from my other brother (Andrew) for the wagon train. He said I could ride in his wagon if he gets something to pull them. I was thinking mules but he got donkeys.. haha we will see what they can do, we just got to get some groceries in them before that one kills over. It's back bone could probably cut your hand like a razor blade.

My dad (sweet man) bought a new mule (because we need one?) for his other mule & his wagon because that mule can't carry it by himself (we already have 2).. but he fell in love with that "black mule". To hear him talk it's like the black stallion just shorter with different parents. I mean it's pretty, just stubborn. I don't want it to hurt him because he has a bad back, & Andrew takes caution (respectful fear I reckon), but Chad.... has no fear.

I didn't go eat breakfast like was intended with them yesterday morning. I was just so tired I couldn't get up. But then Momma let me sleep till 12 & I was in a slightly bad mood"/ I hate sleeping that late.. it makes me feel like I have wasted my day away. So I got up early earlier today.

Later on, I'm suppose to go pick up one of my best friends, Gillian, & we are going to go grab some lunch & go to the greenway. I was going to buy her dinner today... but I spent all my money yesterday on a new camera. I'm way excited it's waterproof & everything.. I'm doing photography at camp (way excited about that:))! & I needed a waterproof (in my opinion) because we are around water all the time. I'ma test it out when me & my friends Kayla & Lacey go swimming on Monday!

I have $5 dollars left though. I reckon me & Gillian can eat off the dollar menu with that:) Hahaha..

Today's blog isn't very interesting. Sorry.. that's all I have on updates:)