Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reply to "Did you smile back?"

Haha, I have had a couple comments on my last blog about, did I smile back at the boy at the horse sale.

Why yes I did !! Haha.

I smiled back at his oh so straight teeth with my oh so sortah crooked teeth.
But hey, I smiled back at least.

He's pretty to me.
Skinny country boys seem to get me.

Oh, and he loves Jesus.
I have a way of getting my information.. Since my dad and his grandpa are really good friends!
I'm not stalking him, I swear. I just wanted to know about the boy at the horse sale who kept smiling at me. I will see him again in two weeks. Since the horsesale is only every other week.

Off to bed I go, I have to get up and go learn about Jesus tomorrow!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Yes, yes.. a SUPERIOR my friend! Patton High School's Women's Ensamble went to Hickory for a contest today and got a 95 out of 100!!! SUPERIOR!


I'm happy as you can tell. Because we worked out butts off for that..
(I should have worked a little harder, I still have a whole lot left. haha funny! Lol)

Welp, I know it's short but I went to the horse sale tonight in Vale, NC and I'm wiped out.

That boy smiled at me again. Haha,


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20 Things To Learn

(If you don't already know)..

1. I love to write. Not just poems and things either. Like just write. I can sit down for an hour and write pages among pages of things. Just random thoughts, ya know? (Nikki's Christmas present was the best haha).

2. I hate talking on the telephone and I'm so glad that my friends don't call that much anymore.

3. I wear a purity ring, and I highly value everything it stands for. I try to live with a pure heart.

4. I have liked the same guy 8 years and counting. Never told him once. Just because we are best friends. I highly appreciate anyone who doesn't tell me that I don't know what love is, Haha.

5. I feel in love with a red head on February 15, 2008 (like everyone else who met him!) <3

6. My favorite day of the year is June 25th.

7. I believe in God above all things.

8. I like classic movies even if they are black and white. James Stewart, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, etc... I love it all.

9. I think I should have been born in the 40's and a teenager in the 50's.

10. I have a whole case of make up. Like a literal metal case full, that I rarely ever wear.

11. I like to be on the backside of the camera, not in front of the lense.

12. I miss a ring made out of necklace links more than I have ever missed anything in my life.

13. I hate war but I support our troops.

14. I like to read.. mostly stories about people.

15. I don't really have a main best friend, I wish I did.. But I don't.

16. I like hanging out with older people, not that I don't enjoy my friends because I enjoy every moment I spend with them.

17. I'm getting burnt out on choir.

18. I love to laugh.. like roll on the floor laughing and it takes a lot to make me do it.

19. James Stewart is my favorite actor and I want to meet him, but I can't, because he's dead.

20. I played with Barbies till I was 13. Honestly.

That's me.. Well not completely.. There is alot you still don't know.
What don't we know about you?


I'm very excited as you can tell! Haha, I talked to Chad about his fishing trip and how it ruined my life. Then he said "I have no idea what you are talking about". Then I was like "your fishing trip" and he said "my fishing trip is on June 12"! whoo.. I'm so excited. I still have prom and it's going to be great.

I don't dance nor do I plan to and everyone thinks I'm an idiot for going to prom and not dancing. I just want to get dressed up and look beautiful! ya know? Can't I just do that?!

I went to be at 6 last night. No not in the morning either. In the afternoon. I slept all night so I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed today. Well not really, I think I'm getting strep. But, I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed if my immune system was up! :]

I have a concert in 2nd period. Women's ensemble has to perform their pieces for Friday's Contest in front of the school next period. I don't want to. Just because my throat is hurting so bad. But when I think of telling Mrs. Sawyer I can't I remember all those times she came in with leringites (sp?) and taught us anyways.. :] Thank God I'm here to have strep.. I'm going to put all my effort into it.

I have Business Law work to do.. Bye!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fishing Trips..

I hate them. Well, I have never personally been on one but I hate them right now. I love my brother Chad with all my heart, soul, & blahblahblah.. haha. However, he has officially ruined my prom night. Not on purpose..But it's still ruined. He planned the fishing trip on the night of my prom. && I know which Tyler will choose. Because I know what he likes better and what will make him happier. && I want him nothing but happy. I will sacrifice my happiness for his. No joke in that.

If he can't go, I'm not going. I know that sounds ridiculous but he is really the only reason I was going to begin with. Because if I go I'm going to be the only one in our group without a date. JamieLynn don't do the 3rd wheel sortah thing.

It might be a waste of my time entirely but I'm going to talk to Chad about this and remind him and how much I love him. Haha.. Let him remember the days when I was little.. When I was the "apple of his eye".

It may all really be a waste of my time, but it's worth a try.. ya know?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Family is one of the most important parts in my life. I feel like I have just lost a member of my family. My sister. Not in the sense of death (for those bloggers whom do not know me). I even went to the lame depths of thinking of how Christmas won't even be the same. It just really sucks. Because even though this has happened before it's not going to get fixed this time. I don't think. Again it's that stuff with change that I talked about in the post before this. He is not my friend.

Family (other than God of course) is one of my main prioritites because God gave them to us to love and care for. We didn't get to choose them like we do our friends and even though we fight sometimes and stuff it all gets better in the end.

I pray things get better than they have been recently.

Me and my mom have a "date" this weekend. Saturday we are going to go see Madea Went to Jail and eat mexican food :]. Since my brother Andrew and my dad are going to be out of in South Carolina on a fishing trip me and my mom are going to spend quality time together that is long passed due.

I'm happy that we get to do something together. Maybe my sister Trish would like to come. Hm, who knows.

I spent a wonderful day with my nephew yesterday and the day before. He is growing so fast and getting into more mischeif than ever. Haha, but that's the highlight because Aunt Jamie lets him get away with stuff that Mawmaw don't :].

My birthday party I hope is on May 2nd at our church. I HOPE! I'm not sure when the date is but I found May 2nd to be closer to my birthday than any other Saturday. I just know where it is and who is coming.. I have never planned a birthday party before not even for myself haha. We'll see how it goes.

I'm going out of town on Thursday to Tennessee for a "mission type" trip. It should be fun. I'll give more details later I have to go back to class the bell rang.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


You know I don't like change. He's most definatley not my friend and is on the track of ever being it. I like my life to always be the same. A little excitment here and there, however, I'm content with what it's like. Or was..

I don't like when people walk out either. They have been there for five years and just because something little happened that doesn't even involve you happens...they just walk out. Just like that. I find it hard from fair. I really do. I feel like I'm being selfish about the whole ordeal.. Maybe I am.

I just know that I sortah think I found who my real best friend is. I really actually don't think that I have one.

Have a nice day..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


Happy birthday Clayton! You will never know how much you mean to me. I know you can't read this and by the time you get old enough to read it I will probably be over my blogspot benge.. I tell you all the time when you are at my house, while I'm rocking you to sleep how much I love you, and what you mean to me. You can't understand me right now but someday you will.

I hope I never disappoint you. But if you ever think that I'm doing something the wrong way and I'm not setting a good example or I am being a disappointment, Tell me. I never knew someone so small could take as huge as a spot as you do in my life. I thank God everyday for you. I thanked Him for you before you even got here. We all waited so long for such a precious thing. The anticipation just made my love grow for you.

Offically February 15, 2008 marks the absolute best day of my life. You are my baby boy (well not technically). But you are my baby no matter what mawmaw, or your mom says. Haha, I know you are their baby too.. I am just overwhelmed because someone has never meant so much for me. I would just about give my life for you to see you happy.

"Just to see you smile, I'd do anything that you wanted me to. When all is said and done I won't forget the cost, it's worth all that's lost.. Just to see you smile" Always remember that.

I Love You Clayton.

-Aunt Jamie.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day has always just been another day for me, and this year was no exception. All but I got to spend it with someone who was being a day away from being born this time last year. Clayton Avery Carswell.. What mess he is. I love him so much and I thank God everyday for him. I talk about him all the time. You would think he was my little brother instead of my nephew haha. I took some pictures of him today.. Here is my favorites:
Haha.. Just about everyone that I took today he had that tounge stuck out. In those pictures he was actually almost sitting on top of my laptop and pointing at himself because he could see himself on webcam. He just kept saying what sounded like "baby baby baby" haha. It was way cute.

I went to do my community service today and they said they "didn't need help today". What if I can't go to prom? (didn't i ask that last night?). Either way I would be sad. Ha, well I have to go to bed because well I have to get up and go to church in the morning and then after that I have to stay after and we are having our Valentine's Day Dinner. Baked Speghetti. Yay! haha, no. But the youth has to serve.. Welp I'm off. Goodnight.

Wyoming & England.

I have always wanted to go there. Haha. But I lost my chance because I didn't make my mind up in time so my dad thought I didn't want to go. But it's okay I'll go there someday. There and England.

England is so beautiful and seems so peaceful. I wish I had the money just to travel it would be so amazing. Maybe someday God will let me have money so I can travel different places and see things I have always longed to see.

For now, I shall just look at pictures of places. It's okay I might not be able to go there but when I close my eyes I sure can dream about it can't I?

So I went to do my community service today and they "didn't need any help". :[ what if I can't go to prom? I will cry. Prom means so much to me.. I know that sounds cliche' and whatnot but it does. If you ONLY KNEW WHY! I will go to prom!! I demand it. 10 hours of community service is a little extreme for 4 tardies don't you think?

Oh well, I think I'm going to clean my room up a bit. Clayton is coming over and he likes to wonder into my room when I'm in here so I don't want him falling over piles of clothes, shoe boxes, and just random journals and whatnot in my floor! Got to keep my valentine safe.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I was in Vale, North Carolina tonight at the horse sale. I am scared of horses, like deathly haha. I know, why go to horse sale if you are scared of them? Well it was time with my family that I enjoyed a lot. I met a boy down there. haha..Come to find out my dad is friends with his grandpa. I don't know what the guy's name is. I just know he has a really pretty smile. I know this because he kept smiling at me. I think he's blind though (haha.) Idk what he was smiling at me like that for..

Hm, well I'm way tired. It's 1:37 in the a.m. I should be asleep I have community service tomorrow. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I'm excited because I get to spend part of it with my beautiful nephew!!!

Have you ever had this image of yourself in your head and then someone takes a picture and you see it and it just ruins it all? That happened to me today and I was like "ewh gross" I MUST do something about this! && I will. God be with me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meditated Monday

I have no clue why the title is what it is, but it is. They both start with an M so what's the problem? It isn't a totally ridiculous title. Because, today I have meditated on a lot. I have thought about everything, anything, and absolutely nothing. I think I have thought about my whole life today.. past, present, & future. Sometimes I just have these days where I think about it. Today at school I showed my librarian my blog (don't ask.. we had nothing better to do) and he was looking down the side where the little pictures are and was asking me who everyone was and he came across my favorite picture of me and my brother Chad with my dog licking my face (ewh, I hate when that happens, hence my face haha) and then he came across my favorite picture of me and my both my brothers, Andrew & Chad. It's the only picture I think we have together other than the professional ones. It's just my favorite.

That made me reminise about when I was little. I think I had just the best childhood. After that me and my mom made an ice cream run to Tastee Freeze Allison's. Then she got a chocolate ice cream cone and it reminded me of a time when me and Chad went there and he got me a chocolate cone and some fries. That's the day I learned about fries and ice cream (the best thing ever)! He made a smiley face in my cone with a frie. haha. I bet you a million bucks that he don't remember that. Haha, I hold onto silly things like that. So on days like today I can look back and smile. When I was real little he used to say that I was the apple of his eye. I bet he don't remember that either. He used to sing it. However, I can't remember the tune.

Then today I have thought about my future. First it started with prom, then thinking about getting dressed up and everything made me think about my future. Haha, you know getting married. The thing I'm so impatient for. I better calm down because I don't even have the man yet. I know God will give me the desires of my heart in his own time.. But, do you ever just get impatient waiting on Him to answer your prayers? However, His time is not our time and His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are most definately not our ways..

Clayton is suppose to be here tomorrow :[ I won't get to see him, because I'm sure he will leave soon before 4. That's when I get out of school because I have Woman's Choir Ansemble (did I spell that wrong?) rehearsal tomorrow till 4. I guess I'll see him and his BEAUTIFUL self next week. The anticipation will just make it all the better to spend time with him!!


Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't even think I spelled announcments right.. (I know that I have an extended length of s' at the end though). Anyways, back to the title. I hate those things. It's just annoying. My principal's voice. geeezzz..

So I have figured out that I have to do 10 hours of community service for me to be allowed to go to prom because I have 4 tardies. How ridiculous do you think that is? I only have 4 tardies because Mrs. Sawyer counted me tardy for Chambers one time. I HAVE NEVER (repeat) NEVER been late for Chambers. However, apparentally on November 5, 2008 I was late. That's what the paper says anyways. If I didn't want to go to my senior prom so bad and take who I'm taking... I WOULD NOT GO! I'm sortah upset at all of this.

I have a question to all of you.
Do you think that if you lie to yourself long enough that you will convince yourself that, that lie is actually truth?

Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm so excited about it and it's not even here yet! It's actually about three or so months away. Am I lame or what? I'm excited because I have a "group" to go with. Me, my friend Tyler, Gillian, my cousin Kory, and my friends Ashley & Wesley! I'm so excited. Because I know we all will have a blast. I have to get a dress and stuff. I'm just excited about getting dressed up for it. I have never gotten dressed up for anything in my life. I'm just pshyced about looking pretty! I'm laying in the tanning bed, getting my hair and nails done, and hopefully this girl named Lindsey that works with Tyler's mom will do my makeup for me.

I'm going for a goal that night. I don't want to share it with you but it's something that important to me. Silly, yet important.

I know we are all going to have a great time though!!
Ahhh! Any ideas to where to look for a dress?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cement Truck.

When I woke up my mom woke me up this morning I felt as if a cement truck had hit me in the face and then turned around while I was down and ran over my head.. again, again, and again. Well I suppose you get that it hurt really bad. I have no idea where it come from, how it started, or when it stopped. Well I do know when it stopped, but I needed an ending to that sentence. I started feeling better around 12 today. However, my head has ceased to quit.

I missed a quiz in school, woman's assamble (sp?) rehearsal, and lunch. Ha, well not lunch because I don't eat it anyways I just needed another ending to my sentence again. I did however get to spend all day with my nephew. He is so funny, all but when he grits those teeth! ahhhh! I have like an attack when he does that. Well not quite as dramatic as an attack, but it does really bother me. Can I get a witness? haha.

His birthday party is this weekend. His actually birthday isn't until the 15th.. I have an idea of what I'm going to get him. But since I'm a bum (I'm getting a job when I graduate) I have to get the money from my dear ol' dad! Who I'm hoping will give it to me.

My mom said I could have the biggest bash ever a party for my brithday. I'm in control of: invites, music, place, when.. all the stuff you have to have for a party. I just know I want a big screen tv and Guitar Hero. I have can get Guitar Hero, just no big screen tv haha. Think, think, think. I have nothing.

Well I'm off to bed, I have to go to school tomorrow! I could use some good sleep too..
Goodnight to all, have a blessed day tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have figured out in the past two days, roughly, that I have not had my priorities completely straight. I have the normal things in place for example: God, family, then friends.. you know? That sortah stuff. However, I have been putting relationships before school work. When I know that relationships will get me no where and a career and what I do now will get me everywhere (with God of course)..
Just a few things on my mind.

I have to go do research for my senior project now.
I'll write more later.

TODAY IS TRISH'S BIRTHDAY!! (my brother's girlfriend of four years (almost 5), and my sister at heart!<3) The big 22! haha.

Have a JOYFUL day.