Monday, February 9, 2009

Meditated Monday

I have no clue why the title is what it is, but it is. They both start with an M so what's the problem? It isn't a totally ridiculous title. Because, today I have meditated on a lot. I have thought about everything, anything, and absolutely nothing. I think I have thought about my whole life today.. past, present, & future. Sometimes I just have these days where I think about it. Today at school I showed my librarian my blog (don't ask.. we had nothing better to do) and he was looking down the side where the little pictures are and was asking me who everyone was and he came across my favorite picture of me and my brother Chad with my dog licking my face (ewh, I hate when that happens, hence my face haha) and then he came across my favorite picture of me and my both my brothers, Andrew & Chad. It's the only picture I think we have together other than the professional ones. It's just my favorite.

That made me reminise about when I was little. I think I had just the best childhood. After that me and my mom made an ice cream run to Tastee Freeze Allison's. Then she got a chocolate ice cream cone and it reminded me of a time when me and Chad went there and he got me a chocolate cone and some fries. That's the day I learned about fries and ice cream (the best thing ever)! He made a smiley face in my cone with a frie. haha. I bet you a million bucks that he don't remember that. Haha, I hold onto silly things like that. So on days like today I can look back and smile. When I was real little he used to say that I was the apple of his eye. I bet he don't remember that either. He used to sing it. However, I can't remember the tune.

Then today I have thought about my future. First it started with prom, then thinking about getting dressed up and everything made me think about my future. Haha, you know getting married. The thing I'm so impatient for. I better calm down because I don't even have the man yet. I know God will give me the desires of my heart in his own time.. But, do you ever just get impatient waiting on Him to answer your prayers? However, His time is not our time and His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are most definately not our ways..

Clayton is suppose to be here tomorrow :[ I won't get to see him, because I'm sure he will leave soon before 4. That's when I get out of school because I have Woman's Choir Ansemble (did I spell that wrong?) rehearsal tomorrow till 4. I guess I'll see him and his BEAUTIFUL self next week. The anticipation will just make it all the better to spend time with him!!



chadandnikki said...

Fries and Chocolate Ice Cream, YUM, nothing much better. Oh, and you are still pretty important to the Chad.

And it's ensemble, with an "e" not an "a". Word of the Day.