Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wyoming & England.

I have always wanted to go there. Haha. But I lost my chance because I didn't make my mind up in time so my dad thought I didn't want to go. But it's okay I'll go there someday. There and England.

England is so beautiful and seems so peaceful. I wish I had the money just to travel it would be so amazing. Maybe someday God will let me have money so I can travel different places and see things I have always longed to see.

For now, I shall just look at pictures of places. It's okay I might not be able to go there but when I close my eyes I sure can dream about it can't I?

So I went to do my community service today and they "didn't need any help". :[ what if I can't go to prom? I will cry. Prom means so much to me.. I know that sounds cliche' and whatnot but it does. If you ONLY KNEW WHY! I will go to prom!! I demand it. 10 hours of community service is a little extreme for 4 tardies don't you think?

Oh well, I think I'm going to clean my room up a bit. Clayton is coming over and he likes to wonder into my room when I'm in here so I don't want him falling over piles of clothes, shoe boxes, and just random journals and whatnot in my floor! Got to keep my valentine safe.