Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Family is one of the most important parts in my life. I feel like I have just lost a member of my family. My sister. Not in the sense of death (for those bloggers whom do not know me). I even went to the lame depths of thinking of how Christmas won't even be the same. It just really sucks. Because even though this has happened before it's not going to get fixed this time. I don't think. Again it's that stuff with change that I talked about in the post before this. He is not my friend.

Family (other than God of course) is one of my main prioritites because God gave them to us to love and care for. We didn't get to choose them like we do our friends and even though we fight sometimes and stuff it all gets better in the end.

I pray things get better than they have been recently.

Me and my mom have a "date" this weekend. Saturday we are going to go see Madea Went to Jail and eat mexican food :]. Since my brother Andrew and my dad are going to be out of in South Carolina on a fishing trip me and my mom are going to spend quality time together that is long passed due.

I'm happy that we get to do something together. Maybe my sister Trish would like to come. Hm, who knows.

I spent a wonderful day with my nephew yesterday and the day before. He is growing so fast and getting into more mischeif than ever. Haha, but that's the highlight because Aunt Jamie lets him get away with stuff that Mawmaw don't :].

My birthday party I hope is on May 2nd at our church. I HOPE! I'm not sure when the date is but I found May 2nd to be closer to my birthday than any other Saturday. I just know where it is and who is coming.. I have never planned a birthday party before not even for myself haha. We'll see how it goes.

I'm going out of town on Thursday to Tennessee for a "mission type" trip. It should be fun. I'll give more details later I have to go back to class the bell rang.