Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cement Truck.

When I woke up my mom woke me up this morning I felt as if a cement truck had hit me in the face and then turned around while I was down and ran over my head.. again, again, and again. Well I suppose you get that it hurt really bad. I have no idea where it come from, how it started, or when it stopped. Well I do know when it stopped, but I needed an ending to that sentence. I started feeling better around 12 today. However, my head has ceased to quit.

I missed a quiz in school, woman's assamble (sp?) rehearsal, and lunch. Ha, well not lunch because I don't eat it anyways I just needed another ending to my sentence again. I did however get to spend all day with my nephew. He is so funny, all but when he grits those teeth! ahhhh! I have like an attack when he does that. Well not quite as dramatic as an attack, but it does really bother me. Can I get a witness? haha.

His birthday party is this weekend. His actually birthday isn't until the 15th.. I have an idea of what I'm going to get him. But since I'm a bum (I'm getting a job when I graduate) I have to get the money from my dear ol' dad! Who I'm hoping will give it to me.

My mom said I could have the biggest bash ever a party for my brithday. I'm in control of: invites, music, place, when.. all the stuff you have to have for a party. I just know I want a big screen tv and Guitar Hero. I have can get Guitar Hero, just no big screen tv haha. Think, think, think. I have nothing.

Well I'm off to bed, I have to go to school tomorrow! I could use some good sleep too..
Goodnight to all, have a blessed day tomorrow!