Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I like how I have a life now

Obviously yesterday was horrible. I had, had a wonderful day until I got home and heard some things that people had said about me and my dad yelled at me.

Before my day went horrible, I had spent an awesome time with Ryan, Carrie, & Zack! It was fun, just as always!! We went to Los Arcos (it's not arcos but that's how I spell it because that's how me and my country slang pronounces it).. we always go to Los Arcos. It's just something that we do. We sort of made it a tradition without saying that it is a tradition. Anyways, after that we went to.. Carrie's house? I don't know yesterday is all blurred together. I do remember taking Carrie to Curves and Ryan, Zack, and I went to meet Ryan's new friend Hal at Morganton FD. Then we went to Salem FD, after getting Carrie, to pick up Zack an application.

After this, we went home (Carrie's house) and got dressed and headed to Asheville, because Ryan had promised for part of Carrie's Valentine's that he would take her to Build-A-Bear. Zack and me waited outside and talked. Good talk. Hahaha..

Let me point out that four "adults" don't fit into a mustang very well. Haha, if we would have wrecked.. Zack and I would have just died instantly. We were so close to the dash. Wow, hahaha..

When we got back to Carrie's house, we were all starving!! So DaddyGreg had made some awesome cheeseburgers! & we chowed down. After that, we watched the Hangover and then Zack took me home.

When I got home Dad fussed at me because he hadn't got the whole story or something. & he apologized today. I love my daddy:).

Everything that had made my night horrible, is now over. Because, I have talked to everyone that had to do with my post from yesterday.

I got called into work @ 10:30 this morning. No big deal. One of my best friends came in early and me and her had a good talk! After work, I headed over to Carrie's and spent about an hour with them until Ryan & Zack left. Then they headed back to Burlington and I headed home.

I am now sitting on my couch in our new living room (I need to post a picture! I'll do that later!) and today is a good day. A very good day. I get my first pay check tomorrow!! Excited about that.

Ahhhh.. now I'm going to go to Tokyo Diner and get some supper! Talk at y'all later!

P.S. I like how I have a life now.. work, friends, etc.. I feel like I have something to look forward to.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stop it

It's like everyone is mad at me these days.

I'm changing and people are bad influences on me. I think if you don't know someone you shouldn't judge them. & that they are some of the best people you could meet. One in particular is the best man I know. Other than my daddy.

Should we get into what you have done? How you have disappointed me? We have been close our whole lives and then you change just like that. I'm not hanging around bad people and I'm not making bad decisions. I'm just breaking out of my shell and for once in my life making my own decisions, they ain't bad. They are just mine.. made by me and not someone else.

I'm sorry to whomever I have disappointed. I don't see how. I have done nothing wrong.

I feel like people hold me on a pedestal as the preachers daughter and I'm here to tell you I'm like everyone else and I screw up too. Don't hold me high, I'll disappoint you. Obviously I already have.

I'm now crying. I'm done. I literally do not care right now.

It's like a video game

I love when friendships and how they just grow. When you know more things than you should about someone.. that's when it's awesome. Hahaha, I oh so wish I could tell you about the last two days. They have been so funny and awesome. But, it's just things that stay between friends sisters.

Adventures, boys, and shananagans. :) I love it all. I love being young. I hope I can stay that way for as long as I possibly can. Of course, I will grow up and mature. But, I like the funness (not a word) that comes with being young. The late nights with friends and all that. It's awesome.

I feel like I'm losing some of my friends, but I'm gaining a couple extra. Like Ryan & Zack for example. I love these two boys.. I swear it's like I've known them forever and I have so much fun when they come to town. Can't wait till they actually move here for good.

You may still be wondering why the title is "It's like a video game" well, let me explain. It's a quote I made up. "Our friendship is like a video game, it just keeps reaching new levels" Ha, that's me and Carrie for ya. We reach a new level everyday and learn something we didn't expect from each other. I love it though:).

Well, I'm babbling. So, since it's four in the morning I'ma head to bed. I'll try to get on tomorrow and tell you about my day with Ryan, Carrie, & Zack!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This should be illegal although I am thankful

It is now rolling around to 4:26am. You read that right. AM!! Why am I up this early on purpose? Am I sick? Nahh.. I'm not sick. I'm headed to work. I'm sure people do this all the time so why am I complaining.. but, I hate morning time. & the headache I got from forcing myself awake isn't the greatest feeling in the world.

I hear my pillow.. it's saying my name.

I do thank God though, that I have the ability to get up and actually go to work. That I actually have a work, all though I'm new, to go to. It really is great. I also thank him that I have a car, although not mine, outside warming up waiting for me to get in it. I thank him for this coat that I'm wearing right now to keep me warm, and the clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. Although, I probably won't eat breakfast, I think him for the opportunity I do have to eat and the ability to do it by myself. I thank him for my good attitude and optimism.

Even though I don't like them sometimes, I thank him for the problems in my life.. I'm not on crack, I really do thank him for them. Because, if there were no storms, why would we need God? & if there were no storms to recover from why would we see the need to praise him? Because, we would take him for granted if he just let us have our way all the time and there were no trials. Don't ya think?

Ohkay, it's 4:30.. got to be there in 15 minutes. Ha, last thing. I thank God I live so close to my work:)!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

May I take your order?

Just to let you know, my job is going great. I actually like taking people's orders. It's finding something to do when nobody is there that I don't like.. cleaning tables, sweeping, keeping the bar clean, etc.. I learned drivethru today. It wasn't that bad at all.. not like I thought it would be. Thumbs up for Travis. He taught me really well. & he has more patience than I'd ever have with someone new. However, my eardrum got confused in my left ear. With the heater blowing in it and then the wind outside .. it got confused and started thumping and now it hurts. Along with my RIGHT ear from the other night. You heard me right, double earache. OUCH!

I went to the MD yesterday. Boo! I gave the man 88 dollars to tell me I have an earache and a dry cough.. No way.. that couldn't possibly be why I came in!! Ughhh.. Well, I have medicine now so it's all good. I've been popping pills like a dopper. I'ma be like Nickelback and get me a Pez dispenser.

What else? Hmmm..................................

Chris! I could talk about him..
I miss him.
Alot! I know, I know "how can you miss someone you've never met?" well let me tell you. It's possible. It's like that longing to meet them.. and the only word for it is miss. I could have met him last weekend but weather, oil, jobs, and such got in our way. There will be plenty of weekends I'm sure. I just wish it to be sooner than later. God's will is always sufficient so it will be on His time anyways.

I have fallen on my relationship with God. I'm regaining it slowly but surely. Don't ask me how. It's personal and could possibly seriously hurt someone I really care about.. so I'll keep all reasons to myself. However, I'm working on it and praying. I'm waiting..


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day after, but he's still my valentine:).

Yesterday was Clayton's SECOND birthday.
Number two!
Numero Dos!

If you don't get it, he was two.
I plan on conjuring up an awesome post for him one day this week.
When my feet don't hurt, I don't have to work, and I'm over this cough stuff I have.

Did you hear that?
When I don't have to WORK!
That's right.
I have a job.
I'm so excited.
It's not much.
But, I like it.
It's a job.. & I get paid:).

(as he calls himself)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To the weary weary traveler, walking down life's road.

I have the urge to write.. about what you may ask? I have no idea. There are endless things roaming around in my head. No joke.. all the time my mind wonders. Where you may ask? Nowhere in particular. & everywhere all the same. I spout out these random questions that just pop into my head.

For example (true story) about two weeks ago, me and my mom were in Wal-Mart picking up a few things and I wondered how many cars would fit in our Wal-Mart building. So I turned to Mom and asked "how many cars would fit in here?" and she laughed and said "what? I have no clue.." hahahaha!

Most of the time, if the question is seriously answerable, I'll Google it. I don't think questions are really that dumb. Because, if you ask them.. you become more intelligent when you find out the answer. True of False?

Since I'm writing about nothing in particular.. I'll tell you what I'm doing.

This morning I woke up with the worst headache I have ever had in my life. It has ceased to stop. Eased off, yes. Stopped, no:(. I have felt horrible all day and my stomach has hurt. That worries me, because last night Ryan was throwing up and they had to take him to the emergency room because he was becoming dehydrated. & that morning as me and Carrie were eating breakfast and she randomly gets up and goes to the door and starts to throw up. First, I thought she was faking it.. then, I heard it hit the ground. I told her I would come comfort her however, I may end up like that dude off Four Christmas' and say "I can't be around it! I'm going to do it too!" (haha, yes, I'm going to be a CNA also a Phlebotomist if I haven't already told you that!) She had a few bad apples (literally, she was eating apples, hahahaha!) Anyways, I woke up like that this morning.. and who did I spend my day with yesterday? Why yes, Ryan & Carrie. Hahaha!

As we speak I type, I'm eating shrimp and sipping on some tea. Sounds like I live in a big ol' mansion uptown. Ha, I wished. Nope, I just live in good ol' Salem in a now two bedroom one bath house. I love my house though. & It's sweet tea and deep fried shrimp from Harbor Inn.. Hey, a girl can dream.

Updates? I don't really have any. I may or may not get to see Chris this weekend. All depends. It'd be set in stone if Carrie didn't have to work a random shift of second on Saturday. Haha, but now we have tried to move it to Friday. We will see, God's in control:).

Also, I should soon be starting a job. It's not set in stone yet either (my life sounds like a bunch of if's, and's, and but's) however, when/if I do start.. I'm way excited! Won't be many hours but hey, it's hours I didn't have!

I'm done babbling. I'm going to finish eating my shrimp and my tea:).. goodday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When did it all begin?

Every girl wants a sister (well at least I always have). I wanted one my age though. Not younger or older. I always wanted a twin.. but I didn't want anyone to look like me. Just be my age.. I think that's why God gives you friends. So, you can have that sibling that is your age. And if you can find friends that true and faithful, at least one, you are set for the rest of your life!
Let me introduce you to TRISHA!

She's not exactly my age.. but close enough (4 years ain't bad).
You may think me weird, but this is the first snow that I ever played with her in:) haha. Man, I don't think I know how many years ago that was.. 3?! Maybe I should restart and tell you how I met her? Well, I met her 6 years ago.. did I like her? No. Why? Because, my brother did. Haha, my middle brother (Andrew).

This picture was actually on their honeymoon. But, back to my story.. no, I didn't like her. What little sister likes any of her brother's girlfriends? Not a normal one, that I know of. Takes the attention off the little sister, duh.. well, that's not what it was. Because, Andrew has never paid me much mind at all. It was just the fact of someone new coming into my life that I didn't know.

I actually don't know what made me and Trish become inseperable. Or really when I became her sidekick. We've had the conversation, trying to figure it out.. but we just don't know. We can't remember. We think it was one day when Mom needed something from the grocery store and Trish said she'd go get it for her and asked me if I wanted to ride along.

When did I start telling her my secrets, goals, and dreams? I have no clue.. It just happened. We just became inseperable. We just became sisters.

SIX years ago this woman came into my life! Just seems like she has been around forever. Seriously, I don't think life is imaginable without her. I'm not making light of that either. I literally can't picture life without Trish. I love that girl.

Her and Andrew have broken up three times, I think. And, everytime.. I think it was harder on me than it was them.. hahahahahaha! I don't even cry over my own relationships really. But, I did their's. I'm a weirdo. (we've established that a 100 times).

I think I could look at her the wrong or right way and she'd bust out laughing. I don't know what's so funny.. hahaha, am I that funny?! She thinks so. Hahaha..

I do her lunch runs when she's at work. I do her Farmville and Yoville because she don't have a computer. I spend the night with her when nobody is home. We call each other when there is nobody else to call.. We confide in each other when we don't want anybody to know.

That's just the way things are.

And that's just the way they will always be.

I suppose you can guess that I like her now. She's the greatest sister in the whole world. I know she's an inlaw, but in my heart.. that will never be so.

I'm her maid of honor:).


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog baby!

Happy birthday to my amazingly awesome sisterinlaw, Trisha. Who is a dashing 23 today:).
I'm going to dedicate a whole post to her tomorrow.. Right now I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

G'night world!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tear my house down, take me sledding, & buy me a dress

Do you see that? Yeah, to your right there -->
That's what our living room looks like right now. We are remodeling our living room. The tile part used to be a porch but we closed it in, when we moved in and made it a bedroom (mine from when I was 7-10, but the Chad got married and it became Andrew's room and I moved into their old room) but now that Andrew is married.. it's going to be part of our living room. Hated to see him leave, but we sure could use the room. Just kidding! We have wood heat and right now it sits right in the middle of the kitchen (not safe for little redheads that run around or for people like me who are clumsy) so we are going to put the wood heater in this little part. I think when it's all finished and we get sheetrock up and all, it will look really good!!

It also snowed here in good old Mo'town. That's the second time this year.. That's seriously a new record for this place (8 inches both times) .. I love the snow, I really do.. however, the only thing I hate is EVERYTHING literally stops here when it snows. There is no school, no work, no church, no nothing. Really, it sucks..

The night that it snowed, I stayed the night with my sisterinlaw, Trish and my brother and Zachary! It was fun. I stayed there Friday and Saturday. Well, Friday about 11pm (yes at night) we decided to venture over to our lifelong friend's house.. Max. He has a big pasture with some big hills and it's just a tradition that we go over there and sled. We haven't done it in about 4 years though, because he has been in Iraq.. but we went and had tons of fun!! See....

To the left would be me and Trish:). You know, she's only been in my life for six years but it seems like I've known her my whole life. She's the sister I never had. Seriously.

To the right is Zachary (Trish's nephew) and Maci (Max's daughter)..

We had so much fun!!! It was Trish's first sledding experience (strange that these people have never went sledding)..........

It was fun, and Trish REALLY enjoyed it!! The next day we went sledding again.. but, I didn't. I just rode the fourwheeler. By the way.. I want a fourwheeler for my birthday!! Ahh, I didn't know how much I missed riding one until I rode Saturday!

My amazing friend sister is getting married in October. To my amazing friend brother Ryan. (no weird stuff.. haha, we just all call each other that). About two or three weeks ago Carrie, her mom, and me went looking for dresses and such. We found some!!

To your right you will see a very cute flower girl dress!! (oh by the way her colors are dark brown and burnt orange).. These are so cute, I love them.. & Carrie fell in love with them too. It was one of those moments where she said "That's it! That's what's in my head!" & when those moments happen, you know it's it. Hahaha, especially when it comes to your wedding with the man of your dreams. You just want everything to be perfect. (I talk like I know.. I don't by the way. Just to clarify). Hahahaha...

To your left you will find what I have to wear in her wedding. (Not just me, all the bridesmaids). I'm so excited to be the maid of honor in her wedding. I was actually, honestly, surprised that she asked me to be. When I asked her why she asked me (because it had been so long since we had seen each other or been friends) she said "I told you in the 8th grade that you were going to be my maid of honor.." I was like "wow" :). It was the sweetest thing ever! I really do love that girl. I didn't realize how much I had missed her has my friend until we hung out for the first time in a long time, about a month ago. I'd do anything for that girl. & I'd do anything for Ryan. She's hit a lot of bad frogs before she found the one that was right. I mean.. bad ones. Like, the wart covered slimy ones. Horrible, horrible, horrible... hahahaha, ohkay -- you get the picture. She's had some bad apples. Oh wait, we was talking about frogs. Either way, they were rotten!

To your right, you will find me in the dress. I never think I look pretty in much of anything.. However, I like this. I thought I looked rather decent in this dress. I like it, personally. & I don't say that about my body that often. This was also one of those moments when Sis said "That's it! That's what's in my head! That's the one!" Hahahaha.. love that girl!>I think).. Now I just have to get a job and earn the money.

Speaking of jobs.. everyone is always fussing at me about not having one. Welp, I know what I'm going to do with my life (never thought I'd say that I was going to choose this career, but well.. I am). I'm going to be a CNA. I've decided that for me being young and not having so many bills, that'd be good money for me. Also, all a CNA will ALWAYS have a job in America. Because, there is always sick people who need help and can't do for themselves. So there you have it, I'm going to go to school and become a CNA. Whatcha think about that?
God, I haven't mentioned you in this post and I'm sorry for that. I love you though and I think you very much for allowing me to have such a wonderful day!