Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When did it all begin?

Every girl wants a sister (well at least I always have). I wanted one my age though. Not younger or older. I always wanted a twin.. but I didn't want anyone to look like me. Just be my age.. I think that's why God gives you friends. So, you can have that sibling that is your age. And if you can find friends that true and faithful, at least one, you are set for the rest of your life!
Let me introduce you to TRISHA!

She's not exactly my age.. but close enough (4 years ain't bad).
You may think me weird, but this is the first snow that I ever played with her in:) haha. Man, I don't think I know how many years ago that was.. 3?! Maybe I should restart and tell you how I met her? Well, I met her 6 years ago.. did I like her? No. Why? Because, my brother did. Haha, my middle brother (Andrew).

This picture was actually on their honeymoon. But, back to my story.. no, I didn't like her. What little sister likes any of her brother's girlfriends? Not a normal one, that I know of. Takes the attention off the little sister, duh.. well, that's not what it was. Because, Andrew has never paid me much mind at all. It was just the fact of someone new coming into my life that I didn't know.

I actually don't know what made me and Trish become inseperable. Or really when I became her sidekick. We've had the conversation, trying to figure it out.. but we just don't know. We can't remember. We think it was one day when Mom needed something from the grocery store and Trish said she'd go get it for her and asked me if I wanted to ride along.

When did I start telling her my secrets, goals, and dreams? I have no clue.. It just happened. We just became inseperable. We just became sisters.

SIX years ago this woman came into my life! Just seems like she has been around forever. Seriously, I don't think life is imaginable without her. I'm not making light of that either. I literally can't picture life without Trish. I love that girl.

Her and Andrew have broken up three times, I think. And, everytime.. I think it was harder on me than it was them.. hahahahahaha! I don't even cry over my own relationships really. But, I did their's. I'm a weirdo. (we've established that a 100 times).

I think I could look at her the wrong or right way and she'd bust out laughing. I don't know what's so funny.. hahaha, am I that funny?! She thinks so. Hahaha..

I do her lunch runs when she's at work. I do her Farmville and Yoville because she don't have a computer. I spend the night with her when nobody is home. We call each other when there is nobody else to call.. We confide in each other when we don't want anybody to know.

That's just the way things are.

And that's just the way they will always be.

I suppose you can guess that I like her now. She's the greatest sister in the whole world. I know she's an inlaw, but in my heart.. that will never be so.

I'm her maid of honor:).



ryanswifey09 said...

that is so sweet!!!! i love this post.