Monday, February 22, 2010

It's like a video game

I love when friendships and how they just grow. When you know more things than you should about someone.. that's when it's awesome. Hahaha, I oh so wish I could tell you about the last two days. They have been so funny and awesome. But, it's just things that stay between friends sisters.

Adventures, boys, and shananagans. :) I love it all. I love being young. I hope I can stay that way for as long as I possibly can. Of course, I will grow up and mature. But, I like the funness (not a word) that comes with being young. The late nights with friends and all that. It's awesome.

I feel like I'm losing some of my friends, but I'm gaining a couple extra. Like Ryan & Zack for example. I love these two boys.. I swear it's like I've known them forever and I have so much fun when they come to town. Can't wait till they actually move here for good.

You may still be wondering why the title is "It's like a video game" well, let me explain. It's a quote I made up. "Our friendship is like a video game, it just keeps reaching new levels" Ha, that's me and Carrie for ya. We reach a new level everyday and learn something we didn't expect from each other. I love it though:).

Well, I'm babbling. So, since it's four in the morning I'ma head to bed. I'll try to get on tomorrow and tell you about my day with Ryan, Carrie, & Zack!