Monday, February 1, 2010

Tear my house down, take me sledding, & buy me a dress

Do you see that? Yeah, to your right there -->
That's what our living room looks like right now. We are remodeling our living room. The tile part used to be a porch but we closed it in, when we moved in and made it a bedroom (mine from when I was 7-10, but the Chad got married and it became Andrew's room and I moved into their old room) but now that Andrew is married.. it's going to be part of our living room. Hated to see him leave, but we sure could use the room. Just kidding! We have wood heat and right now it sits right in the middle of the kitchen (not safe for little redheads that run around or for people like me who are clumsy) so we are going to put the wood heater in this little part. I think when it's all finished and we get sheetrock up and all, it will look really good!!

It also snowed here in good old Mo'town. That's the second time this year.. That's seriously a new record for this place (8 inches both times) .. I love the snow, I really do.. however, the only thing I hate is EVERYTHING literally stops here when it snows. There is no school, no work, no church, no nothing. Really, it sucks..

The night that it snowed, I stayed the night with my sisterinlaw, Trish and my brother and Zachary! It was fun. I stayed there Friday and Saturday. Well, Friday about 11pm (yes at night) we decided to venture over to our lifelong friend's house.. Max. He has a big pasture with some big hills and it's just a tradition that we go over there and sled. We haven't done it in about 4 years though, because he has been in Iraq.. but we went and had tons of fun!! See....

To the left would be me and Trish:). You know, she's only been in my life for six years but it seems like I've known her my whole life. She's the sister I never had. Seriously.

To the right is Zachary (Trish's nephew) and Maci (Max's daughter)..

We had so much fun!!! It was Trish's first sledding experience (strange that these people have never went sledding)..........

It was fun, and Trish REALLY enjoyed it!! The next day we went sledding again.. but, I didn't. I just rode the fourwheeler. By the way.. I want a fourwheeler for my birthday!! Ahh, I didn't know how much I missed riding one until I rode Saturday!

My amazing friend sister is getting married in October. To my amazing friend brother Ryan. (no weird stuff.. haha, we just all call each other that). About two or three weeks ago Carrie, her mom, and me went looking for dresses and such. We found some!!

To your right you will see a very cute flower girl dress!! (oh by the way her colors are dark brown and burnt orange).. These are so cute, I love them.. & Carrie fell in love with them too. It was one of those moments where she said "That's it! That's what's in my head!" & when those moments happen, you know it's it. Hahaha, especially when it comes to your wedding with the man of your dreams. You just want everything to be perfect. (I talk like I know.. I don't by the way. Just to clarify). Hahahaha...

To your left you will find what I have to wear in her wedding. (Not just me, all the bridesmaids). I'm so excited to be the maid of honor in her wedding. I was actually, honestly, surprised that she asked me to be. When I asked her why she asked me (because it had been so long since we had seen each other or been friends) she said "I told you in the 8th grade that you were going to be my maid of honor.." I was like "wow" :). It was the sweetest thing ever! I really do love that girl. I didn't realize how much I had missed her has my friend until we hung out for the first time in a long time, about a month ago. I'd do anything for that girl. & I'd do anything for Ryan. She's hit a lot of bad frogs before she found the one that was right. I mean.. bad ones. Like, the wart covered slimy ones. Horrible, horrible, horrible... hahahaha, ohkay -- you get the picture. She's had some bad apples. Oh wait, we was talking about frogs. Either way, they were rotten!

To your right, you will find me in the dress. I never think I look pretty in much of anything.. However, I like this. I thought I looked rather decent in this dress. I like it, personally. & I don't say that about my body that often. This was also one of those moments when Sis said "That's it! That's what's in my head! That's the one!" Hahahaha.. love that girl!>I think).. Now I just have to get a job and earn the money.

Speaking of jobs.. everyone is always fussing at me about not having one. Welp, I know what I'm going to do with my life (never thought I'd say that I was going to choose this career, but well.. I am). I'm going to be a CNA. I've decided that for me being young and not having so many bills, that'd be good money for me. Also, all a CNA will ALWAYS have a job in America. Because, there is always sick people who need help and can't do for themselves. So there you have it, I'm going to go to school and become a CNA. Whatcha think about that?
God, I haven't mentioned you in this post and I'm sorry for that. I love you though and I think you very much for allowing me to have such a wonderful day!


ryanswifey09 said...

haha i love it. you really captured the "thats the one"image really well. lol i love the pictures.