Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I like how I have a life now

Obviously yesterday was horrible. I had, had a wonderful day until I got home and heard some things that people had said about me and my dad yelled at me.

Before my day went horrible, I had spent an awesome time with Ryan, Carrie, & Zack! It was fun, just as always!! We went to Los Arcos (it's not arcos but that's how I spell it because that's how me and my country slang pronounces it).. we always go to Los Arcos. It's just something that we do. We sort of made it a tradition without saying that it is a tradition. Anyways, after that we went to.. Carrie's house? I don't know yesterday is all blurred together. I do remember taking Carrie to Curves and Ryan, Zack, and I went to meet Ryan's new friend Hal at Morganton FD. Then we went to Salem FD, after getting Carrie, to pick up Zack an application.

After this, we went home (Carrie's house) and got dressed and headed to Asheville, because Ryan had promised for part of Carrie's Valentine's that he would take her to Build-A-Bear. Zack and me waited outside and talked. Good talk. Hahaha..

Let me point out that four "adults" don't fit into a mustang very well. Haha, if we would have wrecked.. Zack and I would have just died instantly. We were so close to the dash. Wow, hahaha..

When we got back to Carrie's house, we were all starving!! So DaddyGreg had made some awesome cheeseburgers! & we chowed down. After that, we watched the Hangover and then Zack took me home.

When I got home Dad fussed at me because he hadn't got the whole story or something. & he apologized today. I love my daddy:).

Everything that had made my night horrible, is now over. Because, I have talked to everyone that had to do with my post from yesterday.

I got called into work @ 10:30 this morning. No big deal. One of my best friends came in early and me and her had a good talk! After work, I headed over to Carrie's and spent about an hour with them until Ryan & Zack left. Then they headed back to Burlington and I headed home.

I am now sitting on my couch in our new living room (I need to post a picture! I'll do that later!) and today is a good day. A very good day. I get my first pay check tomorrow!! Excited about that.

Ahhhh.. now I'm going to go to Tokyo Diner and get some supper! Talk at y'all later!

P.S. I like how I have a life now.. work, friends, etc.. I feel like I have something to look forward to.