Saturday, February 20, 2010

This should be illegal although I am thankful

It is now rolling around to 4:26am. You read that right. AM!! Why am I up this early on purpose? Am I sick? Nahh.. I'm not sick. I'm headed to work. I'm sure people do this all the time so why am I complaining.. but, I hate morning time. & the headache I got from forcing myself awake isn't the greatest feeling in the world.

I hear my pillow.. it's saying my name.

I do thank God though, that I have the ability to get up and actually go to work. That I actually have a work, all though I'm new, to go to. It really is great. I also thank him that I have a car, although not mine, outside warming up waiting for me to get in it. I thank him for this coat that I'm wearing right now to keep me warm, and the clothes on my back and shoes on my feet. Although, I probably won't eat breakfast, I think him for the opportunity I do have to eat and the ability to do it by myself. I thank him for my good attitude and optimism.

Even though I don't like them sometimes, I thank him for the problems in my life.. I'm not on crack, I really do thank him for them. Because, if there were no storms, why would we need God? & if there were no storms to recover from why would we see the need to praise him? Because, we would take him for granted if he just let us have our way all the time and there were no trials. Don't ya think?

Ohkay, it's 4:30.. got to be there in 15 minutes. Ha, last thing. I thank God I live so close to my work:)!