Wednesday, February 17, 2010

May I take your order?

Just to let you know, my job is going great. I actually like taking people's orders. It's finding something to do when nobody is there that I don't like.. cleaning tables, sweeping, keeping the bar clean, etc.. I learned drivethru today. It wasn't that bad at all.. not like I thought it would be. Thumbs up for Travis. He taught me really well. & he has more patience than I'd ever have with someone new. However, my eardrum got confused in my left ear. With the heater blowing in it and then the wind outside .. it got confused and started thumping and now it hurts. Along with my RIGHT ear from the other night. You heard me right, double earache. OUCH!

I went to the MD yesterday. Boo! I gave the man 88 dollars to tell me I have an earache and a dry cough.. No way.. that couldn't possibly be why I came in!! Ughhh.. Well, I have medicine now so it's all good. I've been popping pills like a dopper. I'ma be like Nickelback and get me a Pez dispenser.

What else? Hmmm..................................

Chris! I could talk about him..
I miss him.
Alot! I know, I know "how can you miss someone you've never met?" well let me tell you. It's possible. It's like that longing to meet them.. and the only word for it is miss. I could have met him last weekend but weather, oil, jobs, and such got in our way. There will be plenty of weekends I'm sure. I just wish it to be sooner than later. God's will is always sufficient so it will be on His time anyways.

I have fallen on my relationship with God. I'm regaining it slowly but surely. Don't ask me how. It's personal and could possibly seriously hurt someone I really care about.. so I'll keep all reasons to myself. However, I'm working on it and praying. I'm waiting..



chadandnikki said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you like your job(or maybe the money). Being an adult is hard but so worth it and so much fun!

Christina Jean said...

you like drive thru now it gets beyond anoying when you are trying to clean or something and cars just keep coming left and right. but im glad you are doing well...I just miss you oh so very much...

do you think if i tell them i have become alergic to moon light they will let me work day shift :)))!! lol just wondering. haha