Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sho't n Sweet!

My Morgan's birthday party.
no sleep.. AT ALL!
work at 7-2..

Now, I'm at my best friend's house.
About to go see my Morgan for her birthday (which is actually today).
& my bigbigcousing. & Mikey to watch movies. Whooot!

Yesterday (the 25th).

Today (the 26th).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Eclipse... the crips? no.. Eclipse.

Ohkay, let's make it official. I do not like being adult.
I do not like paying doctor bills haha.
I wish I was still a kid. haha.
I have had to go to the doctor twice in the past month for the same thing.

First time they did a strep test...
But, she looked at my throat and decided that I needed to take the antibiotic anyways.
So, I did.
10 days!

I was better.

Friday, at work I felt my throat a little swelled up. But, it didn't hurt.
Saturday, at work.. I felt it hurting. Then my head started hurting.. & this has nothing to do with it but my back was dang killing me.
Saturday, I came home from work, slept all day woke up feeling HORRIBLE.
Sunday, woke up the same way, but decided to go to church anyways. I was feeling ohkay by the time I got to church. However, by the time service started or was half way over I felt horrible.
No church for me Sunday night. But, I did watch Toy Story.. which I haven't watched since I was a kid, haha.

Today, called into work at 4:30am. Went to the doctor at 10 til 11.
Mono test...
............. negative!

Apparently, the strep I didn't have last time made a reacurrance. ?? Strange. Oh well.
I have officially lost 20 lbs. :) Awesome, I wasn't even trying. Hmm...

The doctor said that all this could come from kissing...............
But, since Jamie never does that................
She said it could have came from my toothbrush.
She votes the toothbrush.

By the way.
My boyfriend & I broke up.
Maybe we don't work out like we thought we would.

Well, I'm out of work til Thursday...
who knows.

There is a youth rally I'm suppose to sing at this Saturday.
Oooo.. nervous. It's at my friend James' church.
It's Moriah Baptist in Hickory, NC. Come out at 7; this Saturday if you have nothing to do:).

I hope I feel good enough to practice with my SIL, Nikki, tomorrow night.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

trying to describe myself. good luck.


i have tried and tried to describe myself. not to anyone in particular but i have sat and thought who JamieLynn really is. i have no explanation. maybe i don't know. but, i do. i have beliefs, fears, passions, etc... like everyone else.

i believe in God.
i believe in morals.
i believe in one life, one blood.
i believe in two eternities. heaven and hell. i choose heaven personally.
i believe Jesus died for me. when i was unworthy and he could have saved himself.
i believe in spending a portion of your life searching for your one true love.
i believe in serious happiness. full contentment.
i believe in best friends.
i personally love with all i have and hold my friends way closer than most people usually do.
maybe i have a big heart?

i fear darkness.
i respectfully fear God.
i fear horses, but i'm getting better.
i fear the ocean.
i fear tractor/trailers.
i fear death. but not in a sense of where my eternity will be spent but how it's going to happen.
i fear failure.
i fear sadness. only because it can consume you.

i think i'm ocd. i have things i have to do and idk.
i think i'm weird.

this isn't describing me at all.
told ya, i couldn't do it.
so i'm going to go get dressed for church.
:) goodday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Why can't I just live my life?

I don't like being 19.
I don't like drama.
Why can't be life be content and you can just date someone without it?
Without people's two cents.
I could care less what they have to say unless it is serious advice and wisdom coming from experience and not putting someone down..

I care about a lot of people and all these people don't necessarily like each other.
But, I won't let them talk bad about each other.
I will not pick sides.
I'm tired of bickering.

I have a very dear friend that thinks I'm making excuses for not hanging out.
That's not it.
I have a very busy life these days.
I'm always running and doing something.
Just let me know, and I'll make time.
I love you.

I miss the old days.
I miss December 2009.
I was happiest then.
The very happiest I have ever been in my life.

I'm happy now.
But, back then was good too.

I wish I could just be with the one I'm suppose to marry and be with them for the rest of my life.
Instead of having to date.
I wish I could see God's GPS for my life.
Because, I need some serious direction.