Wednesday, June 9, 2010

trying to describe myself. good luck.


i have tried and tried to describe myself. not to anyone in particular but i have sat and thought who JamieLynn really is. i have no explanation. maybe i don't know. but, i do. i have beliefs, fears, passions, etc... like everyone else.

i believe in God.
i believe in morals.
i believe in one life, one blood.
i believe in two eternities. heaven and hell. i choose heaven personally.
i believe Jesus died for me. when i was unworthy and he could have saved himself.
i believe in spending a portion of your life searching for your one true love.
i believe in serious happiness. full contentment.
i believe in best friends.
i personally love with all i have and hold my friends way closer than most people usually do.
maybe i have a big heart?

i fear darkness.
i respectfully fear God.
i fear horses, but i'm getting better.
i fear the ocean.
i fear tractor/trailers.
i fear death. but not in a sense of where my eternity will be spent but how it's going to happen.
i fear failure.
i fear sadness. only because it can consume you.

i think i'm ocd. i have things i have to do and idk.
i think i'm weird.

this isn't describing me at all.
told ya, i couldn't do it.
so i'm going to go get dressed for church.
:) goodday.