Thursday, May 27, 2010


For all what.. 3 that read this? Haha.. I'm alive.
I have just been hanging out.
Hanging out:)

Haha.. yes. dating. can you believe JamieLynn has a boyfriend? A beau.. a man. Hahahha! Ohkay. i really do though. i never thought i'd date or nothing. it's just something i didn't think would happen for me. but, yes. today after we had supper with the jaynes' gang (minus tyler:(.) he asked me to be his girlfriend. behind a mexican restraunt. the new PanchVilla here in good ol' mo'town. that don't happen to every girl haha..

i have a dip can as a reminder.
please.. don't ask.
sort of reminds me of my brother and his wife, she has a orange crush bottle.. it's just one of them memory things.

i am happy.
i hurt someone i care about very much to get here.
everything just wasn't as easy as i ever thought it would be.
and i'm still sorry...
oh well, can't change the past. i can only work on the future.

my future is looking happy.
if only my job would become something that made me happy.. since i have to spend everyday there.

well, i'm sleepy. i had a long day.
when I got off work, Kg came and picked me up and we headed to the Jaynes' house.. then we headed to PanchoVilla for supper and then we just went to his house and hung out for a while.
Then me, him, and his sister went to see my long lost bestfriend, Taylor, at her new apartment.

hmm.. then we went back to his house.
got his sister's keys..
took her home and then he took me home.
& walked me to the door.
I am the first girl he has ever walked to the door:)

Hmm.. goodday!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God's been good to me, He's my closest friend.

I don't have an update.

If I never see another dish in my life, I'll be just fine.
One hour, straight... 1:05-2:05.. no joke.
Still didn't get done:( sadface.

My bestsista Trisha (my SIL) got bucked off a horse Saturday.
I cried. Because.. I.couldn' to stop the pain.
I wasn't with her. Ol' James here don't ride horses. No way.
For that reason and that reason alone. You never know when they are going to start acting like that. The horse that hurt her has never hurt anyone, or bucked anyone. It was Trish's day, I reckon. It was part of God's plan for Trish's life right now, and you can always remember that... THINGS.COULD.HAVE.BEEN.WORSE. He could have stepped on her, she could have broke her neck, she coudl have hit her head and died. Bones.will.mend! Thank goodness.

We can't figure out how she broke her ankle. She doesn't know.
Anyways, she had to have surgery.
She has screws in her ankle and a metal plate in her wrist.

Three days later, she is doing a lot better. We just had supper with them. Momma's spaghetti! THE.BEST.SPAGHETTI.YOU.COULD.EVER.HAVE. Ask anyone, who has had it!!!

Momma taught me, if ya don't got nothin' nice to say, don't say nothin' at all.

Personal life?
I don't have one anymore.
There isn't four guys to choose from anymore.
There isn't a bunch of friends I hang out with every weekend anymore.
I don't like this adult thing.
I miss myf riends.
I miss those days.
I don't miss the dram or the choice of boys.
I miss hanging out with the greatest friends.. my little group.
Enjoying each other's company, riding down the road, deciding to take random trips...
AHH! :(.

Speak of guys. Well, sort of.
My Mom begged me to find a Godly guy today. She said "youa re doing so good with God right now, I beg you to stay away from those boys".. by those boys, sh means boys that are in the fire department, on the rescue squad, or want to be a policeman. For some reason, that's all I have went for in the past year. She told me to stick with guys like my friends Tyler & James. She said this because I have a friend that wants to set me up with his friend, who wants to be a policeman. The guy. Not my friend.. he is on the rescue squad.

I already tried dating him. hahaha.. but I ended up with his other friend. Who was a fireman. Oh & a bullrider.
Are you confused yet? Hahaha.. sorry.


Did you get that?



God and I talked about this. I'll take what He gives me. As long as he has blue eyes and is as in love with God, as me.. and hopefully more!

I need a shower.
Oh, and I have to finish laundry.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Ohkay, so my birthday was.... four days ago? Hahaha!

It was such a good birthday!

There was about 13 amazing ladies there!

-Both my SIL's.. (Nikki & Trish)
-My Momma:)
-My 2nd Momma & Callie, & Dona!!
-Aunt Angie!
-Mrs. Holden & Miss EmmaLou!
-Jewel & Abby.
-&& my best friend Taylor:)
-Oh AND thebestlittlesisterinthewholeworld Karlee!!

Oh & it wasn't ALL ladies. Clayton was there!:):)

So I am now nineteen. & it feels no different than eighteen. I don't guess the actual age hits you until you are older. Maybe when I'm 30 I will finally start feeling older.

We went to this nice little Mexico place called PanchoVilla in Lenoir, NC. Then we headed to Bo's in Lenoir, NC. For some VIP bowling ball and some arcade games. My Mom played AirHockey for the FIRST time!! I couldn't believe it aka that is my favorite game, who ain't played that?!

After the arcade we headed to Tonya's house and when I got there I didn't know but they had set me up a surprise party:) & then we had a sleepover. No matter how old I get, I will never be too old for a sleepover with my girls:)

My Mom and Dad even sent me flowers at work:) I loved it. I had never received flowers anywhere before!
Hmm.. reminds me. I have to get my card from Jackie out of the car.. that has twenty dollars in it! haha..

Speaking of money. I get paid tomorrow!!

Work was ohkay today. Everyday is like a rollercoaster. One minute it's really fun, the next.. horrible. It is just back and forth.
I'm still praying for everyone. I pray God blesses them and touches them and gives them good moods and smiles!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!:)
Tomorrow is Wednesday! My favorite day!!