Monday, February 22, 2010

Stop it

It's like everyone is mad at me these days.

I'm changing and people are bad influences on me. I think if you don't know someone you shouldn't judge them. & that they are some of the best people you could meet. One in particular is the best man I know. Other than my daddy.

Should we get into what you have done? How you have disappointed me? We have been close our whole lives and then you change just like that. I'm not hanging around bad people and I'm not making bad decisions. I'm just breaking out of my shell and for once in my life making my own decisions, they ain't bad. They are just mine.. made by me and not someone else.

I'm sorry to whomever I have disappointed. I don't see how. I have done nothing wrong.

I feel like people hold me on a pedestal as the preachers daughter and I'm here to tell you I'm like everyone else and I screw up too. Don't hold me high, I'll disappoint you. Obviously I already have.

I'm now crying. I'm done. I literally do not care right now.


Anonymous said...
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ryanswifey09 said...

ok yea. ppl who judge have no right to do that simply cause they dont know the person. OMG JAMIE IS BREAKING OUT OF A LITTLE SHELL!! lets all run around and cause havoc. seriously jamie you have not disappointed anyone. and if ppl want to tell u that hanging out with me ryan and zack is bad.??? i laugh at there stupidity cause a) the worst thing we have ever done as a group is spend way to much money eating out. have we partied? no. had sex with somebody???? no. and its so funny how ppl can look down on me you and ryan and zack. exscuse me. how the hello am i a bad influence. im the one thats doing everything Gods way by get married. no sex b4 marriage and simply waiting to move in and saving that day for after i get married.
dont worry they are all just jealous. hold that head high. dont ever let them defy the light in your eyes. love your self give em heck. you can take on this world. you just stand and be strong dont ever give in conquor with love and fight like a girl...
and thats all i have to say about that.