Monday, June 15, 2009

Pillow Fights & Onion Rings

These are the two funnest things to do with my nephew.. Well not the onion rings they are yuck. You know the little .59 cent Burger King onion rings (say that 5 times fast) that you can get @ Salem Express (or I'm sure any convient store)? Well Clayton LOVES them. He's a weirdo and so is my mom & my brother (Andrew) for liking them. They don't even taste like Burger King onion rings. Anywhooo I fed that to him & then we had a pillow fight. Mom caught it on tape it was pretty nasty: Bloody noses, black eyes, baby drool. Okay so I exaggerated a bit. It wasn't like that @ all (except for the baby drool hence why it's not marked out). It was good clean fun because I'm the only one that can throw well he tried & he done a pretty darn good job too. Then he dived into the pile of pillows and started heehawing:) So since I wore him down for a nap that's where he is now :)

He can punch too. Like he balled his fist up & punched my leg (don't get mad mom, we were play fighting:)). I just thought it was amazing how he just balled his fist up.

Speaking of something that was amazing have you ever been to Abele's in Morganton, NC? Well I'm sure it's like this @ all the Abele's BUT (I went there 5 times last week for supper I had to find some excitment so bare with me) the toilet paper despensers are AWESOME! I took what was left on one roll and then when that happened it's got like a pulley system set up & it popped down another roll. I felt the need to pull off all the tissue from that roll just to see if there was another one ready & waiting, but I resisted. It would have been too hard of a cleanup for the cleanup people because the toilet would have been way clogged after trying to get rid of a whole roll.

That was way random after re-reading it.

I got scrapbook stuff:) Because I have been wanting to start a scrapbook for forever & now the time is finally here!! Now I just have to put my pictures on a CD & print them off @ the nearest Wally World Wal-Mart!

So for graduation I got $250!! If I had $50 more I would have $300 dollars!! I want to buy a new camera for camp because I'm taking photos & making a scrap book but Idkk. I hate blowing it all on one thing. But I really want a water-proof one. Such decisions!!!!!!!!

Welpp I'm off! I'ma go start my cardboard sign for my upcoming job I can make it look real good because the scrapbook kit I got is a cardmaking kit too! :)


Joan Carr said...

You are so crazy. Glad you had fun with the red head that we are all so crazy about.Precious Memories. Congratulations on the graduation and welcome to the adult wold since you are 18 an a high school grad. Where you going to start looking for a job or are you going to school. Don;t spend all your money in one place.(check out ebay or the internet for some bargains)