Thursday, June 11, 2009

Revival Night #2 & #3

Okay, Okay, Okay.. I'll admit it! I'm a slacker! Get off my back about it! Okay, okay, okay hahaha.. Nobody has been on my back for being a slacker. But at the beginning of this week I told myself I was going to write about everynight of revival && I haven't. Since we have ate at Abele's everynight this week haha I get home late so I just go to bed.

Tuesday: night was really awesome. Brother Daniel got T up in front of the church to use him as an example. He asked T to give him his wallet and then asked if he had anything of value in his pocket so he gave Daniel his cellphone. He done this because Daniel is a good trustworthy guy. But then, after this he tied Tyler up. Don't laugh, it really happened. He said this is what the devil would do if you let him. He appears to be a good trustworthy person/thing and then he'll "rope" you in and you can't move. It was a neat message. Two people raised their hands and said they weren't saved. Pray God would touch them and bring them back. My brother and his wife Nikki sang and it was BEAUTIFUL! Man that woman can play the piano but she's been "playing since she was 4" haha..
Also Brother Daniel figured out who I was going to "marry". Yepp..even though he didn't say anything in front of the church like he done Andrew he did say something to T.. && I was standing there. It was great [sarcasm] ! Nah he went up to Tyler & then pointed to me and was like "I'll tell you one thing about that pretty girl. She's 3 s's" && T just looked at him and Daniel said "Saved, single, & searching. But that's all I'm going to say" I was like "Daniel Stewart I'ma beat you before this week is out".. I love him but he's crazy! haha..

Wednesday: night [last night] was also amazing. My friend Trever came. Y'all wouldn't find this as near as exciting as me. However, I haven't seen Trever in months we used be close. He was my best friend. I told him EVERYTHING & he told me EVERYTHING. So we know EVERYTHING about each other and only pray that we never get mad and decide to tell. Make sense? Well, he came to church. He's been in some trouble lately [Things I won't mention.. Best friends honor!] Long story short he thought he had went to far and God wouldn't love him anymore. && I explained to him how that's impossible and that you can never go to far because God is right where you dropped Him off. So Trever went to the alter and asked me to go.. of course I did!! && we just cried and prayed and cried and prayed... I think he got it fixed this time!! I just love Trever so much && he means so much to me. I pray for him everday & I'm so thankful God allowed that to happen last night because I worry about Trever all the time. He's easily influenced I reckon you could say. It was a neat service too.. had some great singing & testimonies. Brother Daniel said he wasn't about to preach and mess up The Spirit of God!! So it was just a testimony service && that's fine with me!!
After church when we were leaving to go to Abele's [again] Brother Daniel called T over to his car................ that gave me the que to go to the car and I was like "bye guys" && left. He told Tyler "See that pretty girl walking to the van there? If you're lucky you'll get a date".. T wouldn't tell me what he said but he told Taylor [my friend] && she told me. Daniel said "just let me do it.. I'll have you hooked up by Thursday & he'll be taking you out this weekend". I'ma beat 'im!!

okay.. Sorry for the longness. I'll try not to do this to you again :)
Here is a beautiful Clayton & I for your enjoyment :):):)


chadandnikki said...

It's my handsome nakey boy. I'm glad you've had an "interesting" week. Keep the posts coming. I look forward to them.

Joan Carr said...

Well this preacher is going to have you guys married by the weeks end.(HaHa) It is about graduation time and another chapter in your life begins. Praying for YOU