Monday, June 29, 2009

Lollipop, lollipop, oooo bee sting!

The lollipop commercial is way cute.. with the Dell computers. Don't ask, I find serious excitement and humor in the strangest things!
Well I went to The Jaynes (T's house) for some fun today with my SIL, Trish & my little cousin, Kali. It was way fun all but I got out of the pool, wrapped my towel around me, and BAM a bee stung me. Not on my butt but close enough. My jeans rubbed it and it hurt. This is coming from a girl that ain't been stung by a bee since she was around 8. Oh well, it wasn't way bad. Momma Tonya gave me some ointment and I was set to go:)
**Callie, T's littler sister aka my little sister (@ heart). She's been calling me sissy haha. My new camera is waterproof:) haha..
**My SIL, Trish & little cousin, Kali:)
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This week the men are gone on a wagon train. It sounded fun & all, but I'm not sitting in the back of a wagon all week (because my dad had someone else riding with him), I'm scared of horses, & this girl has got to wash her hair. Otherwise I had all intentions on going. Haha.. I hope they have fun.
It's just the girls this week plus Clayton.. He's pretty good @ hanging with us!

**Haha.. love it.:)

Well, just thought I'd check in! I'll get back to you as the adventures of Carswell roll!
Time to go wash H2O, Cl out of my hair:)