Thursday, June 25, 2009


I haven't updated ya'll in a while (forgive me).. I've been slightly busy. Let's see, this may be long so deal with me (the 3 people that read this)__

Sunday was a pretty awesome day. It was Father's Day & I got my dad a shopvac. Yes, a shopvac before you attack me let me just say he thought it was cool and wanted it. However, the kid in Lowes was happy to get it for me.. he stopped everything he was doing and came and asked me and mom if we needed help. Mom thinks he likes me, I think he was just doing his job.
Okay back to Sunday!! We got out of church and my brother Chad called wanting us to come eat dinner with him & his beautiful family *:)* @ Harbor Inn. So we went..(duh). Let me just say, Clayton's hair was "da bomb". Like every Father/Mother's day we don't have church on Sunday nights. My dad thinks that if your earthly father is still living you should go see him and spend time with him even if you hardly ever speak. Never know when dad will be gone, no matter what he does to you. Look deep inside yourself you know that he is still dad & you would be sad if he was gone. A spent a little of that evening with my dad & scrapbooking.. Then our friends Scott & Melanie called for us to come eat supper with them, however, I had previous plans @ my friend Kayla's house, who I ain't seen since March 27th. I spent the night @ her house that night.

Monday I woke up @ Kayla's with a flippin' furry white cat playing with my hair (awkward & annoying!!) so I picked it up and threw it off the bed. May I mention that I hate cats... e'erything about them!!!! Well a little after that we went to the lake with her mom & brothers. It was way fun. But you would not expect Lake James State park to be that crowded!! But it was, for a Monday. After that we just went back to her house & hung out & took pictures & stuff.

Tuesday I woke up with the cat again and once again pitched it across the room (literally, I'm not kidding). Then when I woke up the final time to actually get out of the bed Kayla's shepard/lab, Callie, was in my face. It was just like waking up @ T's with his sister in my face..however this was a dog Callie & not little girl Callie. We just hung out for a while and then went to town. When we got back from town our friend Lindsey came over. We took more goofy pictures (because that's what teenage girls do). Then around 5 Mom came and got me. After that, I went home. Dad had all the mules & donkey's tied out. Andrew was working the white Kate in the field like the pictures from my other post & Dad had our new mule "Jon" tied to a tree. Now straight up, this mule is a bonafied idiot. On the real. So my cousin Chris (who trains horses) came down to mess with it a little. (I should of went down there & been a mule whisperer haha just pickin). Well Chris messed with it a while and then I was like "this is boring" because all he had done was put blinders on him, so I went to check on Andy & WK.. Well we heard Dad holler & that dang mule had got loose. He is slightly large so I was freaking out and ran to the porch haha.. But they got it pinned back up then Chris was trying to mess with it in it's stall (bad idea). It barrelled out of there and tried to jump our silver gate but it was too short for that gate. Either way, I went inside haha..

Wednesday, same old same old. I was going to weed Dad's blackberries but he thought it was too hot so I fed the dogs and took a shower before church. Dad preached a good message that night. && I was in a bad mood. All day that day I was in a bad mood. It didn't help that T didn't invite me to his bday party. Which I really let get @ me..because I was thinking "I took him to my dang senior prom & got into a fight with my mom so he could come to my bday party and he doesn't have the consideration to ask me to his" (there is more to this story haha so please don't think I'm a petty little girl)___ Well I was mad about that so yeah ahhaa.. That's about my day with that.

Thursday, I woke up & mom had got me breakfast from McDonalds. Then Dad called needing me to bring two of his single trees (it goes on the front of the wagon) to the garage. There he told me to go talk to Granny, so I did. Granny was talking to a teacher from my elementary school. && she has a daughter that has Down's Syndrome/Dwarfism and she needed someone to watch her and she told Nanny she might give me a call. I was way excited about that!! Well after that I had to run to the house and get my boots because we had to go pick up hay.. Came home yada yada yada... then I went out on the town to look for a new bathing suit. Well I got me a new one. It's black & I'm way excited!! Then when I got home, I had missed a call from Tonya (T's mom) so I called back and couldn't get ahold of her. So I called T's phone and he wanted to know where I was. Then told me he texted me to my old number from when I had a phone. So my hurt feelings were all a misunderstanding! That made me happy! && he wanted to know where I was and why I wasn't @ his party because there was "alot of food and a big bonfire about to catch" the "house on fire" hahaha.. So I went up there. Feeling bad because I had gotten so angry.

Tomorrow I'm going to the lake for my friend Christina's 18th bday.. so that should be way fun!!


chadandnikki said...

Woot for super cool endings to lousy beginnings. Glad you had fun.