Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Day...

Today felt like my first day of school. When I saw all of my friends I missed them so bad! AH!!! I didn't realize how much. I don't have classes with all of them though. :( However, it's okay.

My Schedule Consists Of:
1st-Business Law(I don't know why I'm in there..I don't care about Law)
2nd-Chamber Singers(BEST class of the day. I get to sing..&& my best friend Ashley is in there)
3rd-English 12(Ewh, senior project!)
4th-Media Center Assistant(It's awesome, I'm like a Librarian..well sortah ahahaha)

I have two friends in my first period. Well now three..because one of my friends got added. I have a whole alto section of friends (but Ashley's my best). In third..I know people but I don't know. We are just aqcauntinces (sp) However, Gillian (my best friend) is in there :)!! Then in fourth I'm with Gillian (<3) & Ashley (<3).. So it's great.

My laptop overheats alot.. I need one of those things you sit it on and it has vents.. But they are way expensive (well to me anyways)..I saw them at Staples today. I never thought I could have fun in Staples. I went with my friend Ashley and her brother Chris. Because Chris needed a new binder and it was so fun. We went around and played with all the laptops and whatnot. It was just fun :)

Goodness! I'm so happy right now..
My prayer life is open and I have a desire to be in God's word. It's just wonderful..

How are you guys' days going? I hope wonderful! Tell me about it. I care to listen.


Joan Carr said...

I am glad that you had a good day back at school and with your friends. It does a girl good to be around her girlfriends doesn't it?
How did you get your signature or what looks like a signature on your blog. I want one.

chadandnikki said...

Today is great, great, and greater(hmmm, that may be a new word to add to my growing list of Nikkisms)