Monday, January 5, 2009

Today is the BEST day of the year; (so far)..

Well by far today is the best day of the year?!? (We are only 5 days into it so I'm sure new days will come). Why you might ask is this the best day? Well I must say (don't want to give away too many clues).. Okay?!? Who cares about clues. I like the most amazing, sweetest, blue eyed boy in the world. (If Nikki is reading this, surprisingly enough.. it's not Tyler.. ahahahaha) !

I went to Bible Study tonight aimed to learn (after I played a little Guitar Hero). Anyways, and in the middle of Bible Study I was learning about Adam & Eve & all that.. (I read Genisis(sp) 1-6, it's very interesting.. alot more than I thought it would be). Well he takes my paper away and then hands it back to me and I read it and it says "Jamielynn, you look beautiful tonight, as always". All I could do was smile. It's so sweet. I always pick the jerks so I don't know how to react to sweetness like that. Then before I left he gave me his jacket to wear :) Ahhhh ! Okay, I'm excited beyond belief.. well other stuff happened but, pahahaha.. Who cares?!? That's the sweetest part. Okay I'm done..

Today was my first day back to school from a long, great, relaxing week long break from school. "/ Nah, it was alright. I'm pretty sure I'm exempt from all my exams (I'm passing math Nikki.. I have an A.) I only have an A in math because I'm in there with....... some of the dumbest people God put on earth. I know He loves them (that's why I'm not God).. I wish you could spend one day in that classroom. Actually no I don't. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Hm, well I must go freshen up for school tomorrow, pahahaha.. GOT TO WORK HARD> Well not really. All I do at school this semester is.. Talk in 1st, Sing in 2nd, Write in 3rd, Talk & make things in 4th.. It's pretty great.

Goodnight everyone.


Amber McCarthy said...

ahh the blonde hair blue eyed boys are addicting quite a catch if I do say so myself ;D haha

iloveyou a whole bunch!

Amber McCarthy said...

Okay you just said blue eyed just read that what a dork I am
haha so just pretend that the "blonde hair" isnt there mkay?