Friday, January 16, 2009

I Love You Lord;

I do, I really do and I just want to thank Him for what he has done for me. When I was so undeserving he picked me up and made me one peice. Like the potter and his clay. When I broke under pressure He picked up the peices and didn't throw the clay away...He knew there was beauty in the making. I'm not what I want to be or where I should be (yet) but thank God I'm not where I once was. His love is beautiful.

I was thinking today (again about my life).. 18 weeks and I'm in the real world :) I'm so excited but scared & anxious at the same time. I want it to be here, but then again I don't.. You feel me? Do you know how fascinating it would be if I could open up like an occupational/physical therapy place for the mentally & physically handicap people who can't afford to go to an expensive one? Have it for free for the ones who can't completely pay.. or work out something. Get a grant from the government and whatnot. That would be so amazing. Because sometimes those kids don't get a chance to live a life because no one thinks they are worth it. I think they are worth it. I think they are worth everything. They are so beautiful. I personally believe in my heart that they are God's greatest gift to creation (other than salvation).. But seriously, think about it. We get so down on the little things, because we can't have what we want. We don't appreciate anything. However, you see these little children smiling.. and people say they have "problems". No my dear, they are the ones with the problem. I believe those kids really know how to live life. It melts my heart to think about them. I could just cry. I love them so much.

It would also be wonderful to open a daycare for them. The little ones that is. The ones who can't go to school yet. That would be neat. Maybe just maybe God will allow me to do something like that one of these days. I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life taking care of children like that. I just love them. Their smiles are just so beautiful... Have you ever had one come up and hug you? It's amazing the feeling you get.

I remember when I enterned at North Liberty School my 11th grade year. There was this little boy he came up to me everyday with a ball wanting to play catch. So of course I played catch! He would hug me everyday, and to this day he still comes and hugs me when I go over there. && little Katelyn she would come up to me everyday saying "hug, hug" and when you hugged her she would say "mmmmmmmmmmmmhhmmm" ahahaha. She's beautiful along with all the other ones.

So you get that I have a heart for them, :) Yes I do, I hope and pray that I can do something with kids when I go to school. I don't want to be the teacher, teacher of the classroom though. Only because they have so much paper work they can't really enjoy their job all that much. I don't know what God has in store..

I had a wonderful day;
How about you?