Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun with the Carrs & Carswells : )

Tonight was way fun.. I must admit. It was great getting out of the house & away from the "rents" (Nikki's new found word) for a while. :) We went to this really great place in Stanley, North Carolina called.. Oh goodness, I don't remember. Either way.. Pahahaa, it was good !!

I have never heard of Stanley, North Carolina in all my life.. But it's the cutest little town. & honestly, my favorite part was the police department. They have like one sherriff's car..(like the small towns on movies) and inside it looks like it too. With the one little bench. It's cuteeee :) Pahaha. I know I'm lame.. but I find enjoyment in the small things.

The food was great & I must again thank Alan & Joan for inviting us..
I love going places with Nikki & Chad. It's always so fun.

Hm, other than that.. my day was rather enjoyable. I don't have to take any exams still :) all but first period I'm not quite sure about that one yet.

I got to see my favorite boy in the world today :) Clayton Avery Carswell. He is beautiful as always. Hm, I just love that kidddddddddddddd !! He is the one that completes my life (other than God of course). && I get to be with him all day tomorrow too.

I miss my I-Pod. At the moment it's residing on Chad & Nikki's couch. I'm about to go get it.. I'm having seperation anxiety. Pahaha, just kidding. I just can't stand the silenceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It drives me nutss!!!!

I'm sitting in the dark. Cold & Lonely. With nowhere to turn but to Pepper, the dog on my left...snoring. Okay, so that was a bit dramatic.. But it's all true but the lonely part. I'm not lonely.. I'm very, very, very happy.

Goodnight everyone. I'ma go cruise the net..


Joan Carr said...

Jamie, I am so glad that you got to spend the evening with us. It was so much fun, and you looked so pretty tonight. I don't know what you are doing different with your hair lately but it looks really good. WE always have fun with the crazy family. I agree with you the best part was getting to spend with that little red head that you call your nephew and I call my grandson "Clayton". be sure and spoil him real rotten while you are there with him. Don't let Pepper creep you out to bad tonight. Can't wait until we get together again for a meal. Oh, yea congratulations on not losing your license, just learn form the mistake and forgive yourself, although sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. but those hard lessons will never ever be forgotten.