Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Stuff About me:

Who Are You?
Name:Jamie Lynn Carswell
Zodiac Sign:Taurus (i spelled that so wrong)
Rising Sign:What?!?
Birth Year:1991
Birthplace:Morganton, NC
Hometown:Morganton, NC
Is your Hometown a small town, rural town, suburb, city, or inner-city:Uh, small townish.....
Highschool(s):Freedom (9-10), Patton (11-12)
Are you the eldest, middle, youngest or only child?:Youngest "/
Heritage:Uh, am I suppose to know this?!?!
What Do You Look Like?
Hair Color:RedBlondeBrownishhh.
Eye Color:Hazel, but more on the Green side.
Skin tone:Pale. Pahahaha,
Face Shape:?!?! Sharp...Sortah.
Height:five nine.
Weight:Blaahhh.. Like you should know?!?!
Shoe size:9-10
What Makes You Tick
What aspect of your personality do you like best?My Sense Of Humor.
Which aspect of your personality do you like the least?My Shyness.
What are some things about other people that annoy you?Arogancy (is that a word?), Jerkiness, & when they chew with their mouth open. pahaha.
What are some things about you that might annoy people?I'm way too nice, even when someone hates me.
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?A Teacher.
What is your favorite time of day?When it's the hottest.
Are your parents still together, never were together or divorced:Still Together, since 1976.
How do you handle arguments/disagreements with other people?I ignore their ignorance.. & laugh it off : )
Would say you are more extroverted or introverted?A little of both.
Are you spiritual? If yes, is your spirituality influenced by organized religion?I don't have a religion. I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Name one of your physical traits that you would change if you could:My Size.
Name one of your physical traits that you really like:My Eyes & Hair.
Name something you�d like to do before you die:Go to England.. & take Nikki w/ me.
If you could back in time to any point of history, where would you go and why?The 40's & 50's.. because I would love to be a teenager then.
Have you ever experienced anything supernatural?Not supernatural. Just Divine Intervention.
Are you close to your family members?Hm, I would like to be closer, but we are all pretty close, I suppose.
Name some things in life that you are afraid of?Darkness, Being Alone, Silence just freaks me out.
What is your biggest life issue right now?Hm, Getting along with my mom, I suppose.
What Do You Like?
Colors:Purple & Yellow (The Rainbow)
Scents:Men's Cologne. & Nolie Live.
TV Channels:Disney, pahahaa.. CMT.
Cars:Cadillac Escalade.
PC Games:I don't have any.
Snack Foods:I don't think I have a favorite.
Beverages:Sweet Tea.
Game Consoles:Anything that Guitar Hero will hook up to.
Concerts:I have only been to two...
Conversation Topics:Whatever comes up. I'll talk about anything.
Newspapers:The only thing I read in the Newspaper is the question of the day.
Magazines:I like Seventeen.
Radio Stations:Rap, Country, 106.9
Jewelry:I like all jewelry.
Clubs:I'm probably never going to clubbing, honestly.
Websites:Myspace, Blogspot, Myyearbook.
CDs:Just about anything.
Vacation spots:The Beach.
Radio Commercials:I don't have one.
Museums:I want to visit that wax place Chad & Nikki went to in Las Vegas.
Stores:Anywhere with cute clothes.
Outdoor Activities:Swimming, Throwing around a ball, Shooting Hoops, Shooting Guns : )..etc.
Do You Like...
Sushi?Ewh, no.
Mexican Food?Favorite : )
Italian Food?Mhmm.
Chinese Food?Mhmm.
Japanese Food?The Shrimp stuff from Tokyo.
German Food?Idk
Greek Food?Idk?!!?!
Polish Food?Never had any.
Mongolian Food?Never had any.
Barbecue?I have to be in the mood.
Cajun Food ?It's alright.
Soul Food?Mhmm.
Vegan Food?Ewh.
Cake?Ewh. No. Texture thing.
Cheese?I love Cheese.
Caesar Salad?Sounds good.
Rabbit?It's alright.
Bison?I doubt.
Duck?No Thanks.
Do You Play...
Softball?Pahahaha.. you would laugh too.
Basketball?I shoot hoops, but that's it.
Football?I throw the ball around.
Hockey?Not hardly.
Soccer?I hate that sport.
Monopoly?I can handle it.
Checkers?Yeah, it's alright.
Chess?I forgot how to play.
Scrabble?I love that game.
Trivial Pursuit?Never played.
Poker?I don't know how.
Guitar?Tyler tried.. I gave up before he did.
Clarinet?That's Taylor's thing.
Piano?I wished I could play.
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