Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Going To Be Blunt...

I'm just in this mood where I'm being blunt. Getting out in the open on what gets on my nerves most.. So here you go:

-People who cuss.
-People who think getting high is cool. FYI: it makes you look like a straight up freaking idiot.
-At this moment, my parents.
-When people chew with their mouth open.
-My OCD.
-When I have to go to bed when my parents do. That's so ridiculous.
-People. Period.
-Hubristic people. I could punch them in the face.
-When people type stupid.
-When I walk in my kitchen and the soap lid is open, the cabinet is cracked, and the flyswat is hanging at the end of the nail (please, don't ask).
-How sometimes my OCD makes me go back to things multiple times.
-Not understanding stuff.
-Huge handwriting.
-Fake Christians.
-How scared I am of the dark.
-How I have to scratch the top of the toothpaste lid when I close it.
-How I write, erase, write, erase...till I get it right.
-Rhythmic noises, like pencil tapping.
-People who talk bad about people they are suppose to love.
-Andrew's messy room, because I spent an hour and a half cleaning it.
-That I have one plug in my room, and I have so much electronic stuff.
-How that plug in barely keeps everything plugged up.
-If something touches it, it unplugs.
-My laptop gets overheated so fast and cuts off.
-I wear the same shoes all the time because we don't have much money and I can't buy new ones.
-How our family isn't doing the best financially and it's sortah my fault because I got tickets.
-How I wish I could save the world.
-The fact that I can't.
-I wish I could protect everyone and I can't.

I'm sorry ya'll have to live with me. I'm just being so askldjfaskldfj right now. I don't know why.

However, you know what I love? God.. He is so wonderful and even though I'm complaining He still loves me.

He is painting a beautiful white scenery outside my bedroom window. The trees are so beautiful.

Please pray for me. I can't stand it in this house much longer. It's really driving me insane. I wish I had more patience with my parents. I just don't. I just want them to let me go. Please.

Just pray for me :)
Thanks to those of you that do.


chadandnikki said...

I hope today is a better day. And, don't let your parents financial problems be your problem. You may not have made things easier, but they are not your fault. Love Ya!!

Joan Carr said...

Just wanted to let you know that I was prying for you today.