Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Crying;

My heart is breaking and it's over someone that I love so dear. He came to me heart broken and crying. He has so much going on and he just doesn't know what to do. Many of you know him, that's why I'm not going to say his name. There is no reason his business should be posted all over the net.

However, I don't come to spread his business. I come to ask you to please pray for him. I'm doing the best I know how to do.

I express my feelings through music. I find a song that describes how I feel about a certain thing and when I'm going through something of the sort I listen to that song. Well I showed him this song:

Is there something in your heart - between you and the Lord
Are you drifting apart - not as close anymore
There's nothing you can do - that He will not forgive
Bring it to the cross - let it die so you can live

Nail it to the cross - get it under the blood
Drown your pain and every stain in the mercy flood
Nail it to the cross - find hope and forgiveness
Kneel at the tree and walk away free - Nail it to the cross

Is there a burden you bear that's got you battered and bound
Struggling for strength, do you long to lay it down?
Don't take another step, just kneel where you stand
Lay it at the cross and take the hammer in your hand

It's called Nail It To The Cross by The Whisnants (sp)..
It's amazing and it's helped me through a lot.

Please, please, please help me pray...
Thanks to ya'll that will!
God Bless.


Jamie Lynn said...
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Joan Carr said...

Way to go, two heads are really better than one. I just went to and looked under helps until I found what I thought we needed about comments. Now we both know how to fix this problem and I bet that we will not forget it. I would assume that when we change backgrounds that we just need to always make sure that setting is set to show and not hide comments. I hope that you are having a better day and not crying anymore since the redhead is there today. See You