Monday, January 19, 2009

I Wish I Could Sing;

I wish I could sing country. Not country music..just with a country style. I have been in chorus so long my voice is nothing but rounded vowels and right cosanants (sp). Sortah bothers me. I have been practicing though, to get my accent back into my singing. I just have to be sure and not do this at school or Mrs. Sawyer will fuss at the alto section, and it would be my fault. I just want to sing like this so I can sing southern gospel at church. I mean I like contemparary, and that's what I listen to. However, I love singing southern gospel...and the only person in southern gospel I can sing real well is Allsion Krauss. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love her music.. (you should check out her song A Living Prayer, it's awesome!)

Okay, enough about that. I was just saying. Anyways..a reply to Joan (CableCarr)'s comment on my last blog.. yes I'm doing wonderful today! Hope you are too (along with the rest of my readers)..

I learned something amazing at Bible Study tonight.. Have you ever noticed the Wise Men went a different way than how they came when they found Jesus? Doesn't that sound like salvation? We travel a different way when we find him, we don't go back the way we came. That's amazing.

My beautiful redheaded nephew was here today! I love him. We layed up on the recliner and slept for like an hour and a half. He snores. Pahahaha, well just a little. I love taking naps with him, because I get to wake up to his gorgeous face!

Well.. I'ma go find something to do.

Does my hair look good like this? I have been wearing it natural for a while..because I wear it straight ALL THE TIME!