Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Exam Day 2;

&& it's day two in Jamie's world... No Exam today either. && my day was even more boring. "/ I do know that I have got to get out of this house this weekend, my parents drive me up the wall during the day. I know it's probably just osme weird teenager thing but for real they have got to give me some lead way somewhere. LET ME GO!

I swanny I'm about to break the strings if they don't cut them soon. I'm serious. I can't stand it. However, it's okay.. it will all be fine?!?!! God is in control of my life and everything has a purpose and it all happens for a reason. Even though, those things are unknown to me!

So American Idol was on tonight. I still have yet to find a very favorite, I guess we will have to wait until we get later in the season.

I'm so sleepy. My dad woke me up from my nap today for some reason.. apparently I can't take naps now?!!

I read a lot in the Bible today. From Gen 31 to Gen 43 or 45, I can't remember which one. I'm really, really, really enjoying our bible study! My mom keeps saying she is going to go "/ I don't want to hurt her feelings and her find out I don't really want her to. I mean that's like my only time away from this house and whatnot. However, maybe she should be there!??!! I pray that God will stop my parents from getting on my nerves anymore. I'm about to go insane. SO you too, please help me pray!

I do want to thank God for this bible study! It has gotten me in God's word and has made my spiritual life so much better. :)

I found a new motto: "A woman's heart should be so lost in God, that a man must first have to see Him to find her" How awesome is that?!! That's what I want to be :)