Saturday, January 17, 2009


I absolutely love that song "Shine" by Salvador. I have always known the words and whatnot but last night it came across my yahoo broadcast and it was just all of a sudden a click in my head and I was obsessed. I get like that here and again with a certain song. But I love that song. If you have never listened to it, you should definately check it out. Here's the chorus for those that don't know it.

Shine, Shine like the moon.
A reflection of you, in all that I do.
Lord let me be, light for your truth.
Light of the world..
I wanna be used, to shine for you.

How amazing is that? I want that song to be my thing, ya know? That's my prayer, that God will take me and use me :)

Last night I was just sitting here, and I just had this thankful emotion in my heart and I just cried. Things just kept coming to my mind that I thanked God for. Have you ever done that? Like, all of sudden everything that God has done for you came rushing to your mind and makes you realize how undeserving you are, but yet He keeps doing and providing.. It's the most amazing thing.. I just got so overwhelmed that I cried. It was like God was sitting next to me, as if He was my best friend. I laughed about things he brought to my mind and then cried about other things.. then thanked Him for other stuff. Wow, He just came by to have a little chat with me I suppose.

Why did He choose me? Of all the people in the world that could do so much. He picked Jamielynn at the age of 7, scared to die. He picked Jamielynn the most shy, prostinating, clumsy girl. Why? I know He knew that I would fail Him oh so many times. I would hate to feel the grief and pain that I know I have caused Him. However, do you know what's really amazing? When I repented of all that and put my life back on track He forgot about it all? East to West. Forever Gone.

East to West by Casting Crowns is also a good song. You should most definately listen to that :)

Hm, I have rambled enough.