Thursday, January 29, 2009


haha..Not actually catch up. I just haven't written in a few days. Actually maybe two. I don't know but here you go.....

I gave blood yesterday for my second time! I'm saving lives; Whoo!! The first time I was a donor was wonderful. I didn't hurt or nothing and the person I had done really good. However this time, I had this lady whom I couldn't understand what she was saying because of her accent and she didn't know what she was doing. She was bothered to press down on my arm, therefore wanting to put the needle (let me tell you these aren't the smallest needles in the world) in my arm and search for it. I thought that other lady was going to go off on her. She said "I can't see her vain" and that other lady said "You're not ALWAYS just going to see it." and she felt of my arm and told me I had good vains. Well the lady who didn't know what she was doing stuck the needle in my arm and blood squirted out of my arm and I almost bleed and died! Haha, okay not that dramatic but blood did squirt out of my arm. That's not suppose to happen but it did. I'm suppose to be giving it not leaking it. Anyways, she didn't even wipe it off my arm she let it slide down my arm. Ewh, so that one lady told her to go on break and this man took over. (I was thanking God!)

This man was really nice. He really helped me. Because I got really hot and my eyesight was going white and my hearing was going away .. I guess you get that I was about to pass out. It was tragic. Haha. Well not totally tragic. He taught me how your body gives itself a fever when it loses blood like that sometimes and whatnot. If you cough it makes your blood pressure normal again and whatnot. I was so scared. I was begging him to just take it out of my arm. I knew he couldn't but I just wanted him to.

I ended up being okay. When that one lady that didn't know her job put the needle in my arm it didn't go all the way in my vain and it stung a little. I have a bruise. It looks a whole lot better that it did yesterday.

This weekend is Trish's birthday weekend. Well sortah, her birthday is on Monday and we are doing stuff this weekend. Tomorrow she is picking me up from school and we are going to Tonya's house so she can get fake eyelashes installed. I don't know?!! haha. Then we are staying the night at the Jaynes Manor. Which is always fun and such an adventure.. I'll tell you about it Saturday when I get home.

Well it's eleven thirty.. I'm going to go take a shower and get to bed! I have to wake up early and go learn.

I made a 95 on my Business Law test today :) Go JamieLynn! haha..


chadandnikki said...

Well, you had quite the adventure. At least you don't have to do that too often, and you get coke and cracers when you're done. Have a blast this weekend. Don't get into too much trouble(wink, wink)