Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is day 3.. but those title's are getting boring.. geezzzzz//

Today was boring. Yep, that pretty much summed it up in three words. Story of my life really. Pahaha, luckly Trisha Princess PattyMayo from Advent St will save me tomorrow from the terrible doom of Dennis King Hagrrgghhh & Diane Queen Jelapobeeg. (Tune in Tomorrow Kiddies to find out the terrible fate of the pheasant girl JamieLynn wanna be princess of Gates Ave..)

Pahahaha, I seem to be the only one with a normal name in that comedy I call my life. Guess that's just me..a simple girl after God's own heart.


The day was not so boring when Clayman Prince of Salem Rd arrived. I swanny I live for that kids smiles & giggles..Idk, he might not be so much of a prince than a terrorist..after that bomb he dropped today one elmo & big bird. Dude, that was freaking gross, pahahaha. Then he discovered "himself" and laughed. Ahahaa, I'm laughing thinking about it. It was so funny. He has the coolioest pj's.. They are batman, with a cape. So he is a baby of many forms: a prince, terrorist, & a super hero. So let me get this straigh. He terrorizes elmo's world, saves the day, and gets to hand the reward out in the end. Hm, darn kid gets it all. :)

As Andrew says: "It's all about Clayyyytooonnnn" (yes he drags Clayton out like that). Quite sad for a 25 year old man (still living at home) being jealous of a 11 month old. Pahahaha, I guess. I don't know if the man is playing or being serious half the time. But he's my brother and I love him. We have a plan, we are going to live together till we are old). I'm kicking him out when I get married though (don't know if he knows that or not). Pahahaha.

I have been pondering on where in the world is my life going.. I graduate this June. Dude, do you know how rediculous that is? I remember when I was 7 talking to my mom about going to highschool. Now I'm graduating. It's not fair. Pahahaha, I don't want to grow up.. However, I have to. Just like everyone else. Day after graduation I must hunt me a job. Where?!! You might ask. That, I do not know. There is like nowhere to work around here. Blaaa. I'll figure it out with some prayer and God's help:)

At this point I just have to worry about senior project, it's starting in less than 3weeks... yack!

Hm, Goodnight...

P.S. Nikki.. you have got to show me how to fix it so people can comment me. Because your PSA didn't help me.. pahaha i love you :)<3