Monday, January 26, 2009

The Library..

I'm at school and it's 12:19 P.M. I'm sitting beside my best friend and she is doing some flash drive thing for when we start our senoir project papers. Whoo! (That's sarcasim completely)..

It's actually lunch time, but I don't eat lunch.. just because I don't need it. I'm trying to lose weight and yes I know (Nikki.. haha) that I should eat. Because not eating doesn't help but I just feel better when I don't eat. Does that make sense? Maybe it only does to me.

We are reading this book called Lord of the Flies, I think I talked about it before but I'm not sure.. Anyways I don't recommend it. Haha! That sounds awful. I mean the book has a good intention but the way it is presented to you is ..... boring! There is no better words to say. It's just plain boring. I do know that my mom loves it. However, my mom likes to read.. just about anything. Anything to learn. However, I am different. It has to catch my attention and keep it.

I'm doing hair for my senior project and one of my youth leaders at church (Tonya) is my mentor. I think it will be a lot of fun because Tonya is really smart and I know she can help me do a really good job on my paper. Note to self: buy ink for printer.

My paper is due March 5th (for extra credit). You are probably wondering why I am worried about getting started now. The fact is it is a TEN page research paper :(. I'm horrible at those and all their citing and citation pages and whatnot. I can write my way out of ANYTHING but a research paper. I wish we could just write a story ahaha.. I would make a 100 I do believe.

Lunch is over in 5 minutes so I shall leave on this note.
Have a blessed day. Also what I learned in english today if you don't understand something or don't like something the best thing to do is "smile and wave". Strictly of Madagascar 1 & 2.

Good day;


chadandnikki said...

Yes, you need to eat something. Good blood sugar control is important to weight loss, and mood control. Eat something like a ham and cheese sandwich, or whatever as long as it has grains and protein. And, you will lose weight faster if you eat the right amount of calories every day. Too few, and you don't lose weight. Too many, and you don't lose weight. Crazy stuff. Love Ya!

Preachersgirl3491 said...

"Smile and wave boys, smile and wave." You should hear Jesse do this he sounds just like it. lol!