Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have a story to tell...

One day a father went to his son and said "Son, I Love you. My servants, as they call themselves, are just so rude. I give them everything they need yet they yearn for more. But I love them." The son said "I understand, Father." The father said "Son, I just want them to know how much I love them." The son replied "Father, I'll go" The father said "Son you are the very best I have to offer" The son said "I'll go"

"I'll go and teach. I'll tell everyone how much you love them. I'll do wonderful works. I'll do everything you say to do. When I"m around 33.... I'll let them arrest me. I'll let them take me before a king and I'll take a man named Barabbas's place. A murderer. Because I love him."

"I'll let them take a cat of nine tails and beat me. I'll let them tear my flesh off with it and expose my insides. && I'll let them beat me to where my mother can't even recognize me. I'll let them put this purple robe around me, while I'm yet bleeding, then when my wounds are good and dry, I'll let them rip it back off so I can bleed again. I'll even let them pluck my beard from my face. Because, I love them."

"I'll let them, make me, carry a cross miles away to a lonely hill called Golgotha. I'll let them beat me on the way." The son said "When I make it to the top and they lay the cross down...." He opened his arms wide and put his heels together and continued... "I'll willingly lay down on it and stretch my arms as far as they'll go. I'll let them put a spike in my feet. I'll let them put two in my hands. One in each. So my arms will be stretched from east to west. Because, I love them this much"

The son put his arms back down and said, "I'll let them put a crown of thorns on my head. I'll let them hang a sign above my head that reads KING OF JEWS."

"I'll let them give me vinegar to drink, when I am thirsty for water"

"Then I'll let them put a sword in my side to make sure I am dead"

"But Father..." The son said looking up at the father, "Forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing."

"I'll let them prepare my body, and lay it in a tomb. I'll let them put the heaviest boulder they can find over it. I'll even let them leave me there.

"But Father, on the third day, I'll get up. I'll take those grave clothes off, fold them up so they know I'll be back, roll that stone away, and come back to you. && someday, Father, when you say the word I'll go back and call our children home."

"Because, I Love them!"


Hope you enjoy!


chadandnikki said...

I like this. Great job!