Thursday, October 1, 2009

Concert at the City of Morganton

Here in big ol' Mo'town we have a place called "City of Morganton", it's where you go to pay your light bill & such... well, well, well.... We went through the drive thru.

& I was cracking jokes all day long. Just one of those days where I was in a fantastic mood. Welp, I was singing belting "Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette & my Mom simply explained to me that they could more than likely hear me inside, through the intercome. I didn't care. I said "let me do my big finish" & here goes "stand by YOURRR MANN!!" Well, as I finish & Trish was rolling with laughter & my Mom was still saying "Jamie, shut up!" Hahahaha, & the woman inside says "What beautiful singing! You have a whole audience in here applauding you!" Hahahahahahahahaha! How embarrassing.

But hey, my everyday goal is to make someone I don't even know, laugh:)
Today my friend, that was accomplished.

On a latter note I won't be here this weekend. I'm going to the even bigger ROBBINSVILLE, NC! I'm so excited!!! Hahaha, I get to see Pawpaw Daniel. It's for old timers day. So we get to dress like Laura Ingalls. & YES, my friends, I have an outfit. Wanna see?

Front (why yes I'm fat:))

Back (Why yes, I'm still fat:))

I love it.. Plus my Mom made it for me:) So very special.

I also made my first ever Coconut Macaroons:) I've never even ate them much less made them. I made them sugar-free, just for Dad:)! They were real good too. Next on my list to bake, Banana Bread. I must purchase Banana's first. I'm going to be the next Paula Deen:)

I'll post pictures from Robbinsville ASAP!! I'm off!


chadandnikki said...

That's a nice real fabric dress. Have a blast!!

Amber McCarthy said...

I love the dress! =)