Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sydney Grace & Johanna Raye

There is this babygirl named Sydney Grace who is about 3 days old that was born with the same thing Johanna was. Trisomy 18. The doctors gave her parents the same news as they gave my brother and his wife. That if she lived till birth she'd only live a few minutes or hours. Well God is showing off and she is doing really well last I heard her heartbeat was 130. I believe.

I thank God for showing off in their lives.

Johanna isn't someone I think about alot. Don't think me a horrible person. I love that little girl. I just don't think of her. She's always in my heart and I do think about her, just not alot. Makes me long for her and hurt too much. Thinking of baby Sydney made me want her today. I missed her. && I was envious and jealous that Sydney's family has her. & I hope and pray that they have her for many years. It just all made me long for Johanna.

Sometimes I find it hard to cope with or believe that God didn't set out that will for my family and me. That's all.

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chadandnikki said...

Me too. I have missed JoJo more in the last few days than I did previously. I'm thankful this family has this much time with Miss Sydney.