Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New kid.. Well he's not really a kid.

Alright, alright. I have got to get better at this bloggy thing. I used to blog everyday. Not so much anymore. Only because, my life just ain't as exciting as it used to be. Enough with the excuses!!

About this new kid, you may ask? Well let's rewind to the post before last.
CM had upset me. Well.. things were getting way better and the truth is.. he was starting to realize what he had done wrong. So he apologized and whatnot so I was thinking.. FINALLY we can move forward.

Well, Saturday night I went "outonthetown" haha with my friends, Carrie & Lacey. Carrie is getting married in October & me being her maidofhonor went to help her look at stuff. Well, while we were in Hickory she gets a call from her beau. Which is cool bc I've personally never got to talk to him or meet him. Well at the time of his call he was camping (don't ask. I couldn't figure out why they were camping in January either).

I think all this was an evil little plan she had scheming in her head.. she just won't admit to it. Evil plan or not she said "Ryan has a friend that's single". I was like "ok?". She talked about how he wanted a girlfriend and I was thinking.. If he randomly pops up & would talk to someone he doesn't know something has got to be wrong with him. However, there isn't. The new kid (who ain't really a kid bc he's 21) is pretty dang cool. && not bad looking:) haha. Looks don't matter, I know. But they sure do help. So, anyways..

We have talked on the phone since Saturday night & text and things. & Ryan and him both live about 2 hours away. Well, tomorrow Ryan was planning on coming up to see Carrie anyways and the new kid is going to tag along to see me. I find this cool.

I'll be hanging out with him Wednesday & Thursday. I'm sure I'll get pictures so I'll be sure & post some:)

Where does CM come into this you may wonder? Right now we are just friends I suppose. My decision completely. I told him about the new kid because I wasn't going to lie. So, I believe this is all.

I'm confused about everything really. I'm just going to have fun and enjoy myself. I'm only 18 once.
&& you never know what God may have in store.

P.S. The new kid is probably going to go to church with me tomorrow too. Which is cool.

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chadandnikki said...

Be safe and have fun.

Kari said...

You're right, just have fun and enjoy yourself. Do post some photos!!! Have fun :o) Hope you girls got some wedding planning done :o)