Friday, January 8, 2010

Mirror Image..

I follow a blog called "The Dialogue", I like this blog & she is a very tallented writer!! I personally think she could be a very successful writer. Anyways.. her post for today was about what you see when you look in the mirror. & I thought about that, and thought that I would do a post on what I see when I look in the mirror. Physically & Spiritually & everything else in between.

This will probably be the most truthful post or really anything I have ever said. I'm going to try really hard to write what I think about myself. It's slightly a challenge to sit down and find things to say about yourself. Both positive & negative. It's simple to find negative things, but to focus on positive is hard to find, sometimes.

Let's start with the physical features & whatnot:

When I look in the mirror physically I see, a tall girl. My height only bothered me in middle school. Because I was taller than everyone. But now, it's fine.. I'm taller than all my girlfriends, but I'm shorter than all my guy friends, & that doesn't bother me. I'm comfortable in my height.
I also I see green eyes that used to be hazel, but one day they just stayed the same. I used to want blue eyes, because I have a fascination with blue eyes however, I like my green eyes now. I just think there should be more songs about them. I listen to country, & they always sing about blue or brown eyes. However, yesterday I heard one about green eyes. They are rare, but they should be more or them. Anyways.. I like my eyes now. I think they are pretty:) (Yes, that is a picture of my eye).

The next thing I see is a heavy girl. My friends yell at me when I say that I'm heavy. They go all "no you aren't Jamie!" haha, & I say "don't play.. I'm not dumb" I am.. don't listen to them. However, as much as I don't like this aspect of me, I'm learning that when I insult myself, I'm insulting God. I'm trying to lose some weight so I can adore myself more as God adores me.

I like my hair.. When I was a kid it was short from ages: 9-11 (those are pictures y'all will NEVER see!) So, I like it long, & I keep it that way. It will probably always be this way. Every now & then I'll cut a couple of inches off.. but that's rare. Anyways, I like the color of my hair, & since it's naturally like that, I like it even more:)...

Spiritually, I see someone who loves God with all her heart, but struggles & trips over her own will. But, that's okay.. God is helping me out with that.

I'm going to go get ready to hang out with my best friend, sorry for the cut off of subject.. this is a little more of what I see in the mirror.

Oh & don't worry, I'll get pictures up of me my time with my friend Carrie, Ryan, & the new kid soon:) Probably tomorrow. I haven't gotten the pictures yet. Carrie will add them to Facebook, tonight.

Talk at you later!!


chadandnikki said...

When I see Jamie, I see a beautiful, and yes very tall, sweet loving young lady. She could have more confidence, but we're working on that(wink, wink).

This is an awesome post. Love ya. Thanks for being so honest.