Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love nothing more than good times with friends!

It's true. I LOVE hanging out with my friends, almost more than anything in this world. I hadn't hung out with Carrie (girl in the pictures you are about to see) in almost a year. We got into some ridiculous highschool fights back in the day & just stopped talking, went in different directions, & started hanging out with different people. True friends stay, so I have heard. She's more like my sister. We've been through it. That's what you call real friends, right there!
So here you go, without further adoo.. pictures I have promised for over a week now of Carrie, Ryan, me, & the new kid.

No, haha, this isn't the new kid. Obviously I'm not the one kissing him on the cheek (there was no cheek kissing or any other kind of kissing for my family members that read this blog.. put your guns, knives, & other weapons away).. this however, is Ryan & Carrie:) They are actually getting married on October 30th. We tried on wedding dresses this same day, but I can't post those pictures because Ryan might see her dress!

This however, is the new kid. We ain't dating. So again, family members & over protective brothers *coughchadcough* put your guns, knives, and other ammunition away please. Anyways, this is him. He's a really cool guy.

This is me & CarrieLee in the back of Ryan's truck (yeah, the "gentlemen" stuck us in the back. They should have let us drive, hahahahahaha). We were on our way to Bo's in Lenior. I had never been there before, but it was actually alot of fun. Haha, we bowled in the VIP section. Get at me:) Hahahaha.. I really should take bowling to the next level. I'm talking major league here. As the gutter queen of course:( Hahaha.. not bowling in a while really gets to you.
This is Carrie & the new kid. (His name is Zach by the way. I'm so tired of writing the new kid when I can just simply spell out Z-A-C-H). She officially adopted him as her big brother haha.. because she's never had one and she thought he would make an awesome one, I suppose. This is when we were all saying our goodbyes before Zach & Ryan headed back to Burlington, NC.

Last, but never least, this is Carrie & Ryan again. They are so cute. & they really do love each other. As Carrie adopted Zach, I adopted Ryan:) Just because, the kid man is really funny. So we are all a big happy family! hahahha:).

At this moment I am currently washing clothes, so I can hang out with these lovely people again tomorrow, & Saturday. I'm pretty excited because they really are a lot of fun & lots of laughs are always involved. I will try to get some more pictures within the last couple days, maybe a video or something, just because you know me and my camera:) Hahaha.. I have a "green child" as Ryan said, or maybe Zach, not sure which one. Anyways.. my laundry is calling. Catchya later!


chadandnikki said...

These pics are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Pahaha. That had to be like the funniest post I've ever read. Haha. The *coughchadcough* part made me bust a gut. Along with all the other ammunition jokes. I love you. You can always make me laugh. Haha.

ryanswifey09 said...

hehe i love it i read it to ryan. lol he has a great laugh.
the new kid. lol love the boy but gahh he is so moody.