Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On November 26, 1958 a 26 year old woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
At the age of 17 on March 17, 1976 he went on his first date with a beautiful 15 year old girl. He looked her in her eyes and said “I’m going to marry you”. What she didn’t know was, he was right. In the summer of that same year, this 17 year old young man went to see this beautiful young woman at Carswell Memorial Baptist Church, what he didn’t know is that his life would change on that very same day because God pricked his heart and he gave his life to the Lord.

2 ½ years later at that same church on December 2, 1978 he got married to that beautiful young lady who was now 18, and he was 20. He told me other than the day that he gave his life to God, marrying her was the best day of his life.

When this beautiful woman was 20 she gave birth to their first son on November 24, 1980.
On October 8, 1983 she gave birth to their second son and on April 30, 1991 she brought his third child, a baby girl, into the world.

As this little girl grew up this man was her hero, in so many ways and she always wanted to and still does want to marry a man just like him. He loved and still loves his family more than any man ever could he provides for them in more ways than physical needs. He gives them love, happiness, and to that girl, who is now eighteen, strength to go on from day to day, other than “I love you” her favorite words from this man are “I’m so proud of you”. She loves this man more than she could ever love any other man in her life.

When the little girl was four years old, this man rededicated his life to God, and they started going to church at Gilead Baptist Church.
In 1998, God called him to preach, He preached his first sermon at Gilead Baptist Church at the age of 30. At that time, he didn’t own any suits so he wore a nice pair of Dickie blue jeans and a blue and red checkered shirt. It was on a Wednesday night.

In 2000, 2 years later, after a long reluctant battle with the Lord, this man accepted the pastorialship of McDowell Independent Presbyterian Church. Where he has now been preaching, in 9 years. He has grown to love the little church that he was so reluctant to go to, and thanks God everyday for placing him there.

This man’s name is Dennis Avery Carswell, most of you know him as Preacher…but I just call him daddy. I’m the little girl who is now eighteen, and I feel the same about him as I did when I was a little girl. He has been one of the biggest influences in my life and a man that I truly call my hero. As I have grown up with him as my dad I have seen him go through a lot, and at the times that some of the things happened I was honestly too young to know what was going on. However, looking back and thinking about those things, I now understand and now I see how strong this man really is because I have always seen him turn to God for guidance, and he has never let me down. He seriously does help me get through each day of my life when I’m having a bad day, sometimes I think about him and smile, and thank God for just letting me get up that morning and most of all, blessing me with a dad like him. He has taught me to lean on God no matter what I go through…and he has raised me to love God just as much.
My favorite thing about this man is that he doesn't get all caught up in the hustle and bustle of this modern world. He just laughs and the things people thing are so huge and he thanks God and enjoys the simple things God gives him. He's just a simple man and if the rest of the world was just a little like him, it'd be a bit better.

This man helped me through the biggest decisions of my life on a Tuesday night in 1998. I was seven years old and I was scared to die, and he let me know I didn’t have to be if I just trusted in Jesus and that very night I gave my heart to God. Although I have had very many battles in my faith, my dad has helped me get through them with is faith and obedience to God.

So on this day of November 26, 2009, I am here to thank God and to show my appreciation, love, and to honor this man, my preacher, my hero, and most of all my daddy.


Joan Carr said...

How precious. You need to let your dad read this if he has not. He will enjoy reading and knowing your heart, too.

Chatterbox said...

Lovely post :)
I agree with Joan, your dad will love reading this wonderful post.

Loved the beautiful pictures.

Keep up the wonderful work Jamie.


Jenilee said...

I loved this post. Seeing the dates and moments written out like that... how precious. great memories and what a testimony! thanks!

arphighroad said...

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