Friday, November 20, 2009

I lied,

NewMoon tomorrow @ 9:50. If you are anything like my mom you are at this point rolling your eyes saying "why do you like such a thing?" It's not blood, guts, and blood sucking vampires. Okay, there are blood sucking vampires but the main character is a .. vegetarian. He only gets the animals. Yupp!! True story! & there are werewolves and dang ACTION PACKED ROMANCE! How does it get better than that?

Moving on. I learned the power of words today. (Speaking of NewMoon). My AWESOME SIL (who is as much in love with these movies and books as I am) went and got our tickets today. Well she was playing a cruel joke on me by saying oh so seriously that they were SOLD OUT. So I was like "that's gay, are you serious?" and she was like "Yeah, I must have talked to someone on the phone who didn't know what they were talking about" then I was all sadface and whatnot. Then she said "why are you mad, because you are going to see NewMoon tomorrow at 9:50?" and I said "I hate you, with everything in me" and then she said "what if I died right now?" and I said "you know I was just kidding so it's cool"...

Even though I was kidding, hate is a strong word. REALLY powerful. Today I have felt bad for saying that even though it was a joke and she knows so. The point is words have a lot of power and The Lord has told me all day that it doesn't matter if I meant it or not, I shouldn't ever talk that way..

Moving on: I have thought of the best shirt idea ever and wish I could make it myself. The idea is an offwhite shirt with a picture sortah like this on it.

Maybe with a cross in the back slightly there.. maybe the shirt should be gray.. Anyways, above the picture it should say "Front Line For Jesus". I love the idea, and I'd so buy the shirt if it was in a store. No joke there. Tell me what you think.

Invision with me:)


Amber McCarthy said...

Im so glad you are going to see it. Its amazing..I was planning on seeing it Wednesday because it was sold out here too but they opened it in more theaters so I was able to see it last night..It sooo good and you better not be one of the people switching to team Jake, Im assuming your team Edward at the moment just because you know thats the team everyone should be ;)

Im so excited for you!!! We had to fight to get out of the movie theater, because it was sooo packed so if yours is anything like ours be prepared =)

I love you!!

Kari said...

Great shirt idea. I'm lost on the New Moon thing. I'm so a stay at home mom and have no idea what the big deal is about. Twilight. New Moon. Huh?

Thanks for all your SWEET comments on my blog. I wish I was able to get on a read more DAILY. I usually cram everything into a couple hours over the course of a week.

You are so sweet and I ENJOY hearing from you.

Crying at Titanic - seriously I need a box of tissue with me at all times :o)

"I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go." Water works every time!