Thursday, November 12, 2009

About Me

I have nothing to say. Nothing extact or life changing has happened lately. I did however update my "About Me" on MySpace (because I have such a busy life) so I will give you the pleasure of reading it:) Enjoy!

Hi, you've reached JamieLynn. I'd tell you all that junk that I'm your average 18 year old, but that'd be a lie. I'm far from ever being average, in any way at all. I could also tell you about all the people in my life and what my likes and dislikes are, but would you really know me then? Ahh, well lets give it a shot, shall we?:) My bestfriends are TaylorJackson & AustinJaynes. Without them I couldn't get through everyday life. Taylor, has just been there through it ALL and for some reason I just recently realized that she was my bestfriend. She's the best support system I could have ever invested in. I'm the light of her world:). Ahh, Austin, he's just that kid that is always on the same page as me, so I don't feel completely ridiculous all the time. Plus, without me he'd never be able to stay in the right box:). ChrstinaThomas is my confidence, and I miss her on a daily basis. She's that best friend, I walk down the greenway with holding hands:). I miss our 3am talks at camp. We will Captain Morgan again. I miss DakotaLynne, oh how I miss my Kota<3. That girl makes me laugh when I don't even feel like holding my head up:) KarleeDeal is the bestlittlesisterinthewholeworld. Seriously. Ask her:) I feel like I am reliving my teenage years through her, and I'd have it no other way. I love being invited along on this journey. I like helping her trace rainbows:). I don't like admiting when I like someone, because then the feelings go away, and sometimes I don't like them to. There is no "love" of my life, as far as a boyfriend goes. But there is this one little redhead that goes by ClaytonAvery that I'd never be able to live without. He's my sunshine. That's the end of that story. He's the only person that can ALWAYS put a REAL smile on my face. The only way to my heart is to know my God like I do and to be able to make me laugh at a moment’s notice. I like to be the funny one in any situation. It makes life easier. My earthly hero would definately be my neice, JohannaRayeCarswell. She passed from Creation to Creator within 63 minutes on October 23, 2009 from some messed up choromosonal disorder called T18. Google it. Her 63 mintues forever changed my life and has made all the difference. I can't remember her, even if I try. That's why I have her picture everywhere. I just remember what happend and how I felt about it, and I can't recall that all that well. That's what makes me sad. Not her passing but the fact that I can't remember. She will forever be in my heart, and she's always on my mind. I miss my childhood more than any normal person should. I love my family more than anything on this whole earth. I have the BEST big brothers in the whole world. ChadAvery & AndrewRyan. They are overprotective, sure. But if they weren't, how would I know that they love me so much? My Dad is the most simple man that you'll ever meet, and that's why I love him so much. He doesn't get all caught up in the hustle bustle of this ridiculous world. My mom is just great. I love her so much and thank God for her, she is ultimately the best mom in the whole world. Now that I'm older, I really appreciate her and everything she is. My sisterinlaws top all a sisterinlaw should be and more. Nikki & Trisha. I love these girlies. I'm going to be skinny someday. I think about it too much not to be. Everyday that passes I'm slowly learning how valuable I truly am. && that I am beautiful. Thanks to Austin, I'll never forget. I invest most of my time daydreaming about my future life and not near enough time actually achieving towards it. I invision my wedding everyday. I'm scared of horses, but I'm determined to ride one. I love going to church and everything about it. I love my God as well, and the love He so graciously bestows upon me. Even when I'm so undeserving. He should have been the very first thing on this about me. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer. && I shall admit I'm one of those crazed Twilight fans:) Thanks to my best, Taylor:) I'm not exactly the one that would stalk Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner, or attack them in the middle of the street. But I would be stoked to meet them. Oh and yes, I’ll admit that I’m that 18 year old that watches Disney Channel and I do like the Jonas Brothers:). I seriously promise that their good songs aren’t on the radio. I have a limegreen camera attached to my hip & it's trusty sidekick, the Ipod touch. I’m OCD, true story. Test me. Ask my friends. I once went 26 seconds without straightening the hymn books on the back of the pew at church. But that’s because Austin was there and grabbed my arm every time I tried. See.. by me telling you all this, you still have no idea who I am. Let’s just say I’m confused a lot and wouldn’t be able to do anything without some awesome people in my life. I’m blessed beyond measure, and I’m just learning that. My goal in life is to Experience God Everyday!:)


Kari said...

I may not 'know' you, but sure do know more about you. Liked the info. Liked the transparency. Like your writing style!