Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Brother!

You're a loving husband and that comes with a lot.
You're an awesome preacher, with a big heart.
But to me the most important job is being my big brother.
&& that comes with a lot...
You're suppose to be there for me when I fall in a ditch.
You're suppose to encourage me to keep going when I want to quit.
You're suppose to always be there to listen just when I need to talk.
You're suppsoe to always fix my broblems whether they are big or small.
You're suppose to say "sorry" first cause you know I won't back down.
You're suppose to always turn my frown the other way around.
You're suppose to run the guys off when they make me cry.
You're suppose to tell me to believe in myself when I don't think I should try.
You're suppose to come to me when I fall astray.
Just to tell me God is the other way.
But do you know what the neat thing is?
You don't have to do any of this.
But you do because you're my big brother and I'm your little sister.
&& if you weren't here to do these things...
Life would be hard cause I wouldn't have you here beside me.
To listen...
To talk...
To fix my problems...
&& run the guys off...
To just be there all together.
To just be...
My big brother:)
I love you Chad! <3


Chatterbox said...

Happy Birthday to your loving brother.
What a wonderful poetry to wish your brother.

Loved the cute picture :)

Hope you all have a great time.